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Advocate Letter

Greetings Advocate,

Its of little matter how this message has gotten to you, but you must understand that timing here is the important factor. The geas that you are under places you into an obligation for this battle, but I hope earn your trust for future endeavors. You have been conscripted into an important defensive battle for the safety of the world and the delicate balance that has silently been fought over for many years. Due to the disobedience of one of my other Advocates, the secrecy of the Pillars of Eternity are in great danger, and the safety of many people above and below ground rests in the hands of you and your compatriots.

My name Ilwain. I am the first mortal to have ever laid eyes on a Pillar, through chance and a form of naive magical research. Despite the brashness of youth, I was blessed by the Silent god, and allowed to continue to live and work towards the protection of the world, and as such my mortality is now bound to these pillars. If I were to fail in my task to care for the pillars, not only would I forfeit my life, but the world would be thrown into a dark time of magical tempest. Few other mortals share these secrets as my Advocate, and those who do make sure that this secret stays hidden. For the time being, due to a same brashness, you are among us in this Order.

You've heard me mention something of these "Pillars of Eternity" previous to this letter, otherwise you would not be subject to my spell. This is the mortal name for these arcane components that help separate the reality you and I live in from the other realities and times that exist, and that I know you are at least tangentially aware of. They are, as best as simple words can describe, pieces of the very real world; describing and holding fast everything in it. Appearing to extend into infinity, they can be thought of as holding the heavens and hells away from our mortal realm.

Originally these were created to keep this world separate from the other thoughts The Creator had and to insure the very wild forces of magic did not tear the young world apart. Their guardianship was first granted to the oldest of beings. Dragonkind were, for a time, the caretaker of the pillars, and in their circles, the dragons consider this one of several golden ages in the world. These ancient beings are imperfect creatures much like ourselves, blessed with the chaos of true free will and choice. As choices turned to greed, power lust, and jealousy, they sought to harness the magic of the creation of the world to their own ends. A new guardian was formed in their image by the Creator himself, a guardian of pure magic called a 'spectral dragon' in our tongue. The dragons were banished and stripped of any ability to take control of the pillars.

Each pillar has its own method of defense, and in many cases, a divine sponsor. For now, I will spare you the burden of knowledge about other pillars, as that would make you a target for draconic forces. The pillar nearest to the lands of Old Armont is watched over by the Light, and is guarded by magic of protection and darkness. Shadow Magic, as it is known, is a coexistence of forces above and below ground, though both parties are unaware of the role they play. This Magic is not without its weaknesses or limitations, the most obvious of which are its protectors above ground. The unintended intrusion by you and your comrades have brought this conflict to a boiling point, and it is unfortunate that we have not been able to choose the battlefield.

The second draconic 'golden age' has been in their plans for many years. Dragons have devised a way to form a bond between weak-willed and power hungry mortals and themselves, in a process called 'in-blooding'. This process infuses mortals with draconic blood, giving them certain abilities that make social subterfuge that much more possible. They can impose their thoughts and will (End Page 1)

onto many mortals, an incantation which my mark protects you against. Many inbloods are resistant to injury and the years treat them better than other mortals. They are indistinguishable to tell from normal humans, except, perhaps though their magical aptitude. They work against the interests of their race and this entire world. Should the control of the magic of the world fall into the hands of a selfish few, we would not be fighting from a position of strength.

Your mission tomorrow night has two components, for which I am relying upon you to organize the forces when the time comes to split your group. The weakening of the Shadows has caused the obfuscation around the pillar to recede in a few places, allowing draconic agents to teleport in and place four magic beacons designed to rupture that barrier. An ancient kingdom of human whose descendants are trapped underground, are heavily compelled to protect the beacons. Once a beacon has been destroyed our advocate, Hawthorne, the druidess, will be able to funnel a partial team into the Shadows to stalk and eliminate the draconic agents. I am sending additional help as I can. If you are unable to fight your way through those who are compelled to fight your way through the pillar, I am granting you and your allies the ability to sift magic spells from their fallen bodies. From the remnants of this magic, you may be able to devise a counter-spell. Sifting magic is not without its random risks, however. Please direct the forces you have accordingly.

After the Shadow magic has been secured or you fail, you will be free of the Geas that compels you to no longer speak of this. You may choose to continue to Advocacy in the Order, and I hope that you are proven worthy of everyone's trust. If you wish to continue the fight, simply contact me through the insight I have provided you, and you will continue your service as a willing participant. Know that there are risks that go along with this mark; you will be a target, and this is not the last battle.

- Grandmaster Ilwain (End Page 2)

The mark is a blue one, tribal in style, of a dragon (or a backwards S if you prefer). - Iawen Penn
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