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A Vision

I was granted a Vision at the last Ivory gathering of things to come. I place it here, as Armont and all that has to do with it has been silent for some time.

Darkness is everywhere. It's thick, something tangible you can touch. You can't see your hands to reach out and touch it, though. Are your eyes even open? Wait, open your eyes. Open them. There's a real sense of urgency. Your heart says NOW. There's a lump in your chest, as though someone had taken your heart and attempted to stop it, to freeze it, to cease its beating. What are you waiting for? Go now. Go home. RUN.

Ten torchlights in the distance. What are they searching for? Your heart is racing. The torches move faster, more frantically. You start searching with them, grasping forward towards the light. You stumble back into the darkness, but what were you looking for in the first place?

The ground shakes and you are tossed down. You fall hard on your chest. You roll over and find yourself bathed in pale blue light. Just in front of your face are words. You can't make out what they say, but they stretch down and to your right for as far as you can see. The torchlights seem to have zeroed in on your position, and are angrily shouting to one another.

And then, you understand. Those words, they're repeating. Those words are your name!
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Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 04-28-10 11:09 PM
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