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The ABC's of Death (12/1002)

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: December 1002
Responses: no
A is for Aeston who drowned in the lake
B is for Brighthammer who forgot how to bake.
C is for Cevaris severed with an Axe.
D is for Dameon who swallowed some tacks.
E is for Elwick who wasted away.
F is for Frederick whose mouth wouldn't stay.
G is for Girthane, just a pool of puss.
H is for Heron who fell under the omnibus.
I is for Illinar who was stomped into dust.
J is for Jeyde ThunderWalker who a Netherform turned to rust.
K is for Krythron burned to ash.
L is for Lysis who a troll thought to bash.
M is for Metron, who lost his eyes.
N is for Nero who got caught in lies.
O is for Owen who hated good-byes.
P is for Phoenix, lost in a maze.
Q is for Quasar, stepped off a cliff in a haze.
R is for Reeve how ran too far.
S is for Sabrae who was covered with tar.
T is for Twenaria, sucked through a straw.
U is for the Unknown Hordes we have killed.
V is for Venom, who died of ill will.
W is for Will, who did not duck in time.
X is for Xenoth, who drank some Brine.
Y is for You, of boredom from reading this lot.
and Z is for Zeek who just died on the spot.

Tags: Non-Player Character
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