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The Passing of The McKrye

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Date: unknown
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Unto the Realms,

Yesterday marks the passing of a great man, a fearsome warrior, and a
good friend . He has fought with valor and honor, a shining light
in the darkness. So was he in life, so was he in his passing.

So has passed The McKrye, never to return to this Realm. He was consumed by Darkness and Madness in a Realm far from our own.

Mourn his loss, for he will be truly missed. Celebrate and remember his life, for he has kept us from destruction countless times, he has been a loving husband and father, a leader and credit to his clan and kinsmen. Think well on him, tell of his heroics and sing his praises.

To all those that called him friend or closer: I am sorry. I am ashamed and dishonored. I alone could have saved him and have tried countless times for over a year. And in the end, I have failed my quest. The blame, the dishonor, the loss of this light, is mine and mine alone. I have failed you, I have failed my country and I have failed a close friend. No amount of words can be adequate to express my sorrow, pain and regret. No amount of words can I convey how sorry I am at my inadequacy.

In Sorrow,
Pyr Thalax
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