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Thon & Artex (1002)

Mon, 8 Jul 1002 M.R., afternoon
I seek the testimony of any who witnessed events following my return from the 'Western Flank' on this past Saturday. My memory is fragmented after that, and I'd very much like to know what transpired. My last vague memory is being told by Aeston that he had no respect for my people or myself. Beyond that, all is a blank until I awoke surrounded by friends at sunset with an aching head. If anybody can shed some light on what passed after that last memory, I'd much appreciate it (and financially reward it if the information leads to anything especially important). - Thon Lightbringer

WOW! Someone AESTON has no respect for! I forget, is this a good or a bad thing? Most of what I remember was: 1) Stealing Venom's money (while he scrambled for it himself!), 2) Claiming the entire land in the name of Rathkeale (I have witnesses!), 3) A beautiful red-headed woman.
That about covers it.
Sorry Thon... there were more important things to pay attention to.

- Emperor Artex Bluebane of the past, present, and future lands of Rathkeale (LOL)
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