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Chimeron's New Leader

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: May 1002
Responses: no

To all within the Realms,
In all my days in these Realms, there has never been a time when taking
the quill to paper has ever been more difficult that this. Someday I hope
you will all understand why.

Today is the first day after a tremendous change. Today we bid a
painful farewell to an awe-inspiring Queen, a tremendous friend, a loving
wife and devoted mother...

Let it be known that Her Most Royal Majesty Sir Queen Marguerite Baum
nee Valehaven, Queen of Chimeron, Knights of the Realms, Duchess of
Unistella, Champion of the One Woman Lists, 2nd in Command of the Cannon
Fodder Crew, the Thrice Virginal and Fighting Barmaid has chosen to fulfill
her family obligations from with the Lands of Fae. Though this sounds like
a simple thing, it indeed, is not. There are many, many more details that
need not be listed here.

In the wake of the realization and magnitude of that obligation, the Fae
courts held a competition to determine who would become of the Royal blood
line of the May King, thus becoming the new ruler of Chimeron.

Sir Pyr Thallax, Knight of Eagles Rook, Knight of Valehaven, Knight of
the Eternal Flame has been chosen as that successor. As of yesterday Sir
Pyr Thallax has been given the tremendous honor of becoming King Pyr Thallax
of Chimeron.

We will all miss Her Majesty, Queen Meg more than most words can begin
to describe. We will slowly move through the pain of her departure and try
to move forward with she has taught us. Now is the time to remember how she
touched people's hearts over the years. Now is the time to think of what
she has helped almost all of us learn. Loyalty, Compassion, Understanding,
Love, Honor and so many more. There are some that will feel her loss for
years to come, and I ask that there is a great deal of understanding and
respect for those people. Some will feel it on levels that most of us will
never begin to fully comprehend. I ask that there is respect for them as
well. Lastly I ask that her name be respected and Honored as we Honored
If you did not know her, then you are at a tremendous loss. If you knew
her, please help Honor her name well. She would do the same for you.

If there are any questions, please direct them to myself, current Herald
of Chimeron and I will make sure that they reach the proper hands.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that all is well with
the ones that you love and consider friends.

In Service to the Crown,

~Sir Dirk Coville
Current Herald of Chimeron
Knight Avatar of Chimeron
Chosen of the Stallion
Clan Lord of The Clan Curiadh
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