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The Burning (1002)

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 11/23/1002 - 12/2/1002
Responses: yes, included
Burning.. yes.. there is much to be said of burning.

Burn the dead, destroy the body to save the soul.
Sear the wound, that the infection dies.
Cook the food, that it is safe to eat.

Do you see the Purity of Fire?

Burn a candle, a torch, a lantern bring forth light
bring forth enlightenment
bring forth vision..
banish the dark.

Do you see the Way Burning Brightly in the Night?

Burn the wood, bring forth heat
Stave off Cold, winter's death knight.
Burn the fields, that the enemy may not eat.
Torch the forts, the the enemy may not roost.

Do you watch as it Protects in it's fearsome glory?

Bake the clay, make urns and crocks,
Melt the Ores, to bring forth steel to fight.
Make the charcoal that let us record such trivial things.

Do you see how Fire Creates something more?

Some see passion as she seethes
Some see death where he breeds
Some see anger or often rage
But destruction is the only coin it heeds.

Destruction. Salvation. Your only Hope.

Are you listening?

You haven't much time.

Death stalks among the dead. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

- dandelion acorn, the favoritest name I was ever given.
- madcap
- the unnamed

"He made an ash of himself."
"Yeah.. but I ain't never seed an undead ash."

- druid humor.
To All Who Requested Information:

I responded to the missive regarding "The Burning," and received this reply. I do not know whether or not it relates to your quest, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did, in some way.

You may already have all of this information. If so, that's not really my concern. My only intent was to disseminate any information that may not already be available.

-Saskia of the Southern Wastes.
more of the ringing in my ears? The color of the tears?
more of the colorful messes that splash across my consciousness, making me

I am not mad, or perhaps I am.. enlightened.. cursed..
little difference.. and it's all a matter of perspective.

I wasn't talking of the burning of the wood, but I was..
I wasn't talking of the burning of the second wood, but I was...
I wasn't referring to your story.. but I was..

It's all a matter of attention, and perception, and perspective.. do you
Some who read the letter thought it was about Fire.
Some who read it thought it was about Trajedy.
Some who read it thought it was about Them.
It wasn't.. but it was.

It was a warning.. and a course of action.. but .. but.. there is always so
much more..

The moon has five faces, did you know?

it all fits together, like a crazy jigsawed puzzle of a crazy life.
sometimes.. i don't even know what i'm writing until after i write it.. and
I don't even know what it means..



There is a war on the wind.. several of them right now.
a war of souls, a war of hubris and a war of power..

Burning will be your salvation
but only if you hurry

the lady says 'no more'..

time for a nap.

I see, with hope anewed, that you are wise to have me up here, O Bright Lady
in the dark sky.... I answer, and serve..

I say again, for repetition seems the only constant: There are five faces to
the moon, and three sides to every story. But I'll try to keep this

Several of you have written me, asking me to be more plain... can you ask
such a thing from the sky or the moon?
I was as plain as the shifting sea, and the swirling clouds that crash and
spin in my head...
Only you can make the patterns have meaning, not I.

One wonders, why is it that others, more clear than I, do not share the
wisdom with each other?
One seems to think I have made these colorful messes to hide a truth from an
enemy.. The enemy knows all I know already.

But, let the games begin:
I see now many things, which I will share as best I can...

Part the First: Of Burning and Salvation: Third time is a charm, I will
prattle on no more about this, unless the Lady thinks otherwise...

Two now, take heed, stalking quitely - criminals that serve and protect..
and more consider the awful bright path.
Will the Sherrif and the King, the Guardian and the Guard take the path they
Such little evils, but taking life to save life is always difficult, your
grasp on the past is strangling your future.
This choice should be easier by far, for no life is at stake but the coming
of the dead..
Take away warmth, not coldness. Let go. I am sure your loved ones would
rather this than the awful alterntive.
Brave sister of circumstance, and timid man of trajedy, take heed, you are
doing the right thing..
Hell was once a refuse heap. Will you find the Paradise there?
Salvation in the Flame. Hurry Hurry. Pitch on.

Part the Second: Of Garden Implements.

The Son is a matter of contention. Father and Mother would tear the worlds
apart for him.

The Earth Child's life is held fast by the Son of the End and Rain, but his
grip grows weak as the Hidden fall.
Soon his grip will loosen and the son of Luck will be alone no more.
Be aware Wolf, Brother, Sea-Child, Shattered-Man and littles all.. She'll

Pay heed now to the Wheels within the Wheels.. the Spheres within the
Spheres and the Cages we call Loyalty and Love.
Love has bred more Hate than Hate Love, Loyalty breeds more Destruction then
Destruction Loyalty.. The circle seems to favor a one way spin.
ask the Blind Fool of the price of His Loyalty, perhaps he will agree.. but
the king has no clothes.
Monsters are those without such things, but these Monsters discovered
hope... Monsters are your bane and saviors.

Part the Third: Of Sacrifice and

Time is running precious short.

One purpose, or all will fall. One Goal, or failure will be.
Together, ants can move mountains, alone, they get crushed.
Thirty heads at odds are no better than eight snakes tied together at the

You scorned the Hunter's gift, and now he stalks the woods alone.
You reviled the aid, not seeing the wisdom in the harsh, sharp truth, and
now you are left to scramble in the dark.

Ah, but this is an echo of the Past.. it applies no more.. or will you learn
from the past, and work to the future?
Winter is coming. Summer is the time of War.

-- the unnamed.
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