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One of the Last Sea Elf Acts

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 8/21/1003
Responses: no
To Whom it may Concern:

To all of the Realms, Due to the declaration of war upon Neden by the Free Kingdoms and their allies, we of White Coast had to look towards our oath to help guide us to an understanding about what our position will be.

Criminals should not be harbored from the punishment of their crimes, as Stated by King Jarrod this is the situation. Though we have no personal qualms with neden, Lord Galleos has decided that we must close our borders to them, any person or persons of neden on White Coast land will be escorted to our borders to fend for themselves.

We of White Coast will not help nor harbor criminals, however because neden has done nothing to go against our oath we can't take a militant stance against them.

Lord Galleos SeaElf
Tags: Historical Account, Player Character
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