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Iris & Princess Natasha

Hey there! It's Natasha, right?
As of late, other merchants have had meetings and such in Glendale, a nice town on the (newer) Realms map. I have been inquiring around as who governs the little village so I can create a list, with notes to any of Glendale's specialties if any. I also wouldn't mind setting up a shop there, if such is possible, and so I have tracked you down. It has been told to me that you are the last known controller of Glendale, and I was wondering if perhaps you might like to collaborate with me on this, or at least send along some information or updates about Glendale(who its sworn to, what are the laws there, etc.). If you are hitting the next few gatherings in March, you can spot me as the merchant with red curly hair, Iris.

- Peddler of Smiles!
- Iris Elenor Tranes IV

Dear Iris,

Let me begin with a Realms history lesson, and I'll get back to you with particulars later (OOC:after I discuss it with Shannon).


That "little village" is/was the "capital city" if you will of Valehaven. The very first Realms events took place there, [OOC in real-life town of Warren, Massachusetts at the Slate family farm], a sprawling 250 acre mountaintop of fields and forests. Glendale was a Duchy, and the Duke was chosen annually via a tournament. Regardless of who won the Tourney last, many years have passed, so the Duchy would fall back under the rule of its King/Queen/Prince/Princess, the ruler of Valehaven. Given the fall of the kingdom of Valehaven as we knew it, Valehaven and Glendale can almost be used interchangeably now. It's the only land we have left. It is the home of the royal family (myself included), and to my knowledge, no one else has asked to be one of its citizens or hold meeting there. There is one follower of Valehaven who will always be welcome here, though. We used to call him "Mellow", and I don't know if he still attends events.


Valehaven was the first country, and at one time the only country, in the Realms of Wonder. You could be from anywhere you wanted to, but all groups were from cities and sections of the Kingdom that we all lived in-- Valehaven. There was a King (Robert I) and Queen Mother, but they were figureheads[OOC In real life, they were the parents of Shannon Slate, aka] to PRINCE BOB II. The Prince eventually took on a Princess (Marguerite, aka Queen Meg/Kathy Journeay), and they ruled together until the Prince's untimely death (in 989?). Meg couldn't handle things, and Bob's followers did not support her, so Valehaven crumbled and Meg got a bunch of newbies and started her own group-- Chimeron-- of which she was made Queen.


In 993, I stepped up to the plate and tried to fill in Bob's shoes. I had been in the Realms since 986 or 987, and was the only person in the Realms who was an actual blood relative of the Prince (the other Prince, Glenn, had moved to Oregon). So, the Queen wrote a declaration naming me as heir to the throne. The master plan was for me to reunite the Realms and bring us back to the Camelot of the first few years (when we were all friends). Natasha was betrothed to Sir Gunnar of Fairhaven (OOC aka Steve Johnson), and he was to be her Prince. I had the support of the true Knights and most everyone else, but by then everyone was content with their new groups and "countries". No one wanted to be a part of Valehaven. I rallied forces until 996, but in the end, it didn't work. With only 30 or so followers, I gave up. I was only 15 when I was coronated, so I try not to be too hard on myself. It just wasn't meant to be.

At this time, I, Natasha, am still the Princess of Valehaven, though I gave up on the Realms over five plus years ago. No offense, I'm sure it's still a lot of fun, but it cannot possibly hold a candle to the Realms it once was. If someone else would like to lay claim to my seat or our lands, they can try. There are enough oldbies in the Realms that I doubt it would work. And if it is oldbies of the Realms who are using the Glendale name, they should be ashamed of themselves. So as far as people saying that they're doing things in Glendale, I should like to at least know who they are. It is, after all, the heart of Valehaven and the Princess's home. I haven't had a reason to involve myself in Realms politics in a long time, but if I need to, I will.

I don't know you from a hole in the wall, but I do thank you for taking the time to contact me. It shows me that you are a much better person than the interlopers who are treading on my sacred ground. If you would act as my liaison to them, I would be forever in your debt. I apologize for the length of this elf-mail, but I need you to be informed if you're going to be our go-between. More will be forthcoming, I just have to talk to my council [OOC: Shannon] about it first. Glendale was, after all, his brainchild, and we do live together.

Most sincerely,
[Kelly Jo Ann Slate, aka the] Princess Natasha of Valehaven

a journey that begins with a question
Raised through disbelief
Fueled by faith
Navigated by instinct
And in search of truth.


...and I was too intimidated then to ever make contact again. - Iris Eleanor Tranes IV, Peddler of Smiles
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