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A Meeting with a Deathling

Type of Missve: unknown
Date: unknwon
Responses: yes, included
Greetings, everyone. On a whim I decided to pay the city of Paradise a visit two days
ago, and found something alarming to me. Nero had been totally insenate for over a week
before I arrived. I cast a Vision to see what had happened and saw a pentagram
superimposed over a map of our Realms, the pentagram was made of lines of power. One
point of the star was in Northern Paradise, one North of Folkestone, one on the coast off
Rathkeale, one near Verai and one southwest of the Mountain of power. Some force was
pushing along the lines of this pentagram from the point near Rathkeale to the one in
Northern Paradise. My view shifted in and I saw a man who looked very much like Nero, but
covered in ice. I believe he was Tom Rime, the Ice Mage. He dropped dead with a very
surprised look on his face. At that same moment, I also saw Nero himself, up a tree and
about to open a bag of food, suddenly drop limp.

No one around Paradise whom I spoke with at that point knew what was going on, so I
decided to do some more investigating via spellwork.I cast a Fortune Tell, asking if
perhaps healing the man in my Vision would bring Nero back to himself. I interpreted the
results as saying that this might help, a gift of life perhaps, however there was an
obstruction -- probably meaning that I could do nothing about it at the present time.

While I was going over my notes, a man appeard in the room, another person looking
disturbingly like Nero. He looked extremely pale, almost lifeless. He was wearing simple
black clothes, and a white and black cloth tied as a sash. Tucked in his belt was a
large, silvery-white sickle, which looked very clean and quite sharp. He said he was a
messenger, and at times and apprentice orracle, but never gave me his name.

He let me know that Nero was only 'alive' because someone had given him a Potion of Raise
Dead, but something was still not right. I cast another Vision to see what needed to be
done to fix the situation, I saw the dead body of Tom Rime, and standing next to it a
sort of ghost of himself. The Vision pulled out and the ghost and body were on one side
of a giant set of scales. On the other side, there was Nero in his bed unmoving. At that
point, the messenger said in an odd tone, "Balance must be achieved -- it must be
satisfied." Balance, however, has many incarnations. Balance can be sameness on both
sides, or opposites, or parallels. This was something I can not effect while I stay in
Paradise, but I feel that I should stay here at this time.

While we were discussing the situation further, his voice changed again and he said,
"Five points are contested. Five goddesses watch, carefully, carefully. Are the Rules
being broken? Possibly, possibly." I cast more spells and communicated with the goddess,
Luna. She told me that "One balance has been brought into place. Another balance must
replace it, to undo what is done. If you wish to help satisfy Balance, then make sure the
information you have gathered travels to Balance, when the apprentice of Ice summons the
heroes of the Realms to his home ten days hence." (This was two days ago).

And so, I send this out to everyone. I will be unable to meet folks wherever Balance is,
unfortunately, but I could send this information. The messenger said he would be there.
It is my belief we can trust him. Please use this information wisely.

-Scribe Metron Cole Tir'ntoc'lin Dragonsvalley
Mister Dragon guys... and everybody else...

Personally, I dunno who dis Nemo guy is, but MY problem is dat m' boss Tom is sorta havin some problems and needs you hero'y types to lend a hand.
Somethin' is up with the Pentagram. Even de boss seems spooked.I guess if you help the boss, dis Nimrod guy might get better too. *shrug* who knows.
Yep pretty soon I'll be poppin up and showin everybuddy who wants to come to da tower and all to check tings out. I'ma gonna be sending a few of my boys to Molly's Tavern in North Paradise... So if people wanna send a letter or sumfin I can get it...Otherwise I guess I'll see's ya in a couple weeks. Dress Warm!

Cha-Cha LeTengo
Apprentice to Tom Rime

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