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Escape from the Ice Prison

Type of Missve: personal correspondance between Bouquet and Zeek McKrye
Date: 1003
Responses: unknown
Zeek McKrye --

I just barely escaped the Mountain Prison of Ice, north of Neden. I am sorry; I should have stayed away. I have been among much death and turmoil since leaving Chimeron.
With the Dead Zone (No Magic) being in effect since early of your Wednesday morning, He came. He came and took Them, took them all away and threw them into the Realm of the Sphere before it collapsed.
I do not think I can get them back, and I do not think I will at this point, because He needs to be stopped, and the Champion of the Creatures of the Realms has his own last orders to be given, and I must carry out my Quest, regardless. Straight from His mouth, the God War has begun, and the Hidden Order was cast into Oblivion... Wormwood... Girthane... my fast-growing friends...
I wear your personal symbol to represent how you believed enough in me not to let me die or at least that you would heal me to get rid of the Taint. Getting rid of Taint is an end goal for the Kathrani...at least, that is my belief. I still do not understand Kathrani all that much, but I know you made a big sacrifice on my part, Zeek. I will not forget that. Regardless of what the others think, I owe you a favor. Not the Kathrani, just you. Lien and Obligation; you saved my life. I hope one day I may save yours.

- Bouquet d'Amandes

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