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A letter...

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Date: March 18 1003
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In a harbor cafe in Portsmouth sits an old merchant. He
stares out over the harbor anticipating the approaching storm. He sips his
wine and stares at the letter he has started to his niece who lives near
Folkestone Hall. "Dearest Nadia" it begins, "Please reconsider your decision
to travel north with the rest. It is a perilous undertaking to an untamed
wilderness. Although the warriors you travel with are strong, is the reward
worth the risks? I understand your business helps furnish the Master
Alchemist Luna with many rare herbs, but I ask you to reconsider. You could
set up shop here, I have friends who will ship your herbs to cities in the
The old man watches as acquaintances made ready to depart with
the noon caravan to Grimloch. Craftsman, unskilled workers, merchants and
mercenaries all making their way north to pursue fame or fortune. He could
remember coming to Folkestone as a young man in search of similar dreams and
full of conviction. The wind was picking up and ships were streaming back
into the safety of the harbor.
The knights, lords, ladies and others who led the expedition
north expected trouble. What kinds of storms would rage in this new land?
Soothsayers foretold of a great undead evil that our people would have to
overcome in order to survive in that harsh environment. Faces passed the
window of the cafe as the caravan passed out of the city and into the
unknown. Some he recognized, most were young. These were his people, ever
strong and brave, but was it enough? Mixed feelings of worry and pride welled
up inside him as he stared at the orderly lines making their way towards the
gate. Children followed the caravans and people on both sides of the street
cheered the settlers as they began their journey.
The old merchant stared at the letter before him, a letter he
knew he would never send and mouthed a simple prayer to his patron god. He
thought to himself 'As these settlers leave Folkestone, a part of us goes
with them...'
The last of the caravan went through the gates and the
merchant smiled a sad smile. Outside the saltbox cafe, a cold rain began to
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