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Project Phoenix

Author: Darak'Tur
Place/Gathering Discovered: Tempastros Educari, Illinar
Date: 11/25/1006
Transcribed by: Kovaks
Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is a military program designed to keep our borders safe, and enforce our policies abroad. Let the council note that all participants in this program are strictly volunteers.

When a soldier is inducted into the program her soul is removed from her body. A portion of the body is then placed in a stasis container. Meanwhile the soul is magically called into a waiting vessel. We call the vessel a Soul Clone, a minor illusory enchantment perfectly mimics the original participant's body and features. The most significant difference between the human body and the Soul Clone however, is our ability to enchant the Soul Clone with powerful wards replicating a variety of strengths found in Illinarian monsters. These enchantments could make a soldier impervious to the piercing bite of arrows, or the steel of common blades. Others might allow soldiers to regenerate from wounds, or swing their weapons with hyper-accuracy.

Soul Clones are for all intents and purposes as true and loyal as any proud soldier of Illinar. Indeed, the soul of the original soldier is controlling all of the Soul Clones actions. with this process we are able to create supersoldiers, capable of halting the advance of entire armies with their enchantments and natural skill in warfare. Should a Soul Clone fall in battle and is unable to be resuscitated his soul will be magically recalled to Illinar where artificers will prepare a new host soul clone for the soldier, and teleport him back into the field.

When a body is destroyed, a piece of the soul is sent to a purgatory realm called the Well of the Third Circle. It is a plane that resides on the exterior of the Nine Hells. Within a gigantic, gelatinous, creature continually monitors the soulds in its presence, preparing to send it off to whatever afterlife is demanded of it, be it Elysium or Abaddon. As we have perfectly mapped the location and can predict where souls can be located in it, we have no trouble calling souls back from this region. We have been fortunate enough to find that the "God" of this plane has been very cooperative with our magicks.

The Soul Clone is uniquely protected from possession and the like due to the nature of the receptacle, unlike the BMC: Soldier. A soldier inducted in this program can be called into any readied Soul Clone, available staff can then eradicate the original Soul Cone, knowing the bodies weakness. This process will make demon hunting in the wastes near the Wretched Scar or the Great Divide much simpler.

The intended use for Soul Clones is in missions that require a significant skill level and a small number of troops. As no soldier dies in this program, he or she carries their battle prowess from fight to fight, regardless of the outcome. This will provide an experience advantage in the field for commanders and their lieutenants. This program will cut down significantly on Illinarian casualties in battle, and we will have virtually nothing to fear from monster sightings and attacks. Demons, dragons, elves or dwarves, it makes no difference. In the face of Illinarian armies supported with the magicks of the Tempest there can be no victory.

I am available at any time to answer any questions about the specifics of these techniques. Please contact me if there are any questions.

For King and Country,

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