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Illinarian Storybook

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Tempastros Educari, Illinar
Date: 11/25/1006
Transcribed by: Kovaks

In the beginning, as it has been told to us there were the dwarves in their burrows. Naturally at home in the dark places and buried beneathe miles of stone. They were the first who discovered the arts of mining and metalworking, of jewel-citting and masonry. Their works were to stand the trial of time itself. Monolithic structures crafted to stand watch over the myriad halls and corridors that fill the Godtorn mountains east of the Wretched Scar.

These very mountains form our eastern border, and beyond which lays the Basin of Esh'ello. The dwarves toiled in the earth of countless years, developing their craft, savoring the glow of finely wrought gold and silver in the heat of the forge.

It was also during these early times that the race of elves came to know life. From the wild regions east of the Godtorn mountains emerged these lithe and nearly luminescent beings, for so attuned were they to the weave of magic, that at times it would settle upon them, as a butterfly might descend upon a leaf of grass, when no predator threatens it. Sometimes manifesting as an unearthly and wholly supernatural glow.

They set themselves about to creating great libraries and records of their achievements in magic. In time they grew to be one with the very forests that protected them, and to this day elves would sooner manipulate living trees to provide them proper shelter than to craft with either stone or lumber.

Thus ends the Age of Birth, and so begins the Age of Isolation.

At the turn of the Age the elves and the dwarves had solidified their power over their respective regions, neither with any regard for the other. Truth be told, there is no record even indicating that one knew of the others existence at the time. With the elves living in the green pastures and woods of Esh'ello and the dwarves toiling in the Godsworn mountains west of them, they each had plenty of space. It was during this idyllic period of unparalleled prosperity that the dragon, Venoroxis attacked.

No one knows from where Venoroxis hails, but it's assault was furious and without relent. The mountains shook with its horrible roar as it burned the surface city, Ker-Toulder to ash. The dwarves retreated to their deeper caverns, to protect their treasures. It was not long before the westernmost elven village of Limantei was reduced to little more than smoking cinders. It was a dark time for both races as Venoroxis darkened the skies with it's clouding, coughing smoke. The Elves, caught unawares and with few true defenses conjured a magical mist that to this day chokes the Basin of Esh'ollo to mask its presence from the great Wyrm.

For fifty-two years the two races dwelled in fear and darkness. While Venorixis was sighted occasionally, she was a fearsome creature indeed. Many fell to wyrms flame.

Thus ends the Age of Isolation, and so begins the Age of Vengeance.

It was the Elven Champion, Emberlaine who first encountered the Dwarven Hero Gael in the fields near the ruins of Limantei. We know that Gael and Emberlaine squared off in battle, one against the other. Gaels hammer against Emberlaines swords. At the end of the day, the two retired to their respective camps, one unable to best the other. On the second day they spoke of the deeds they had done, and came to respect one another. The magical spells of speaking the elves knew made this task an easy one. On the third they feasted together in the dwarves camp.

Thirdday is an important day in Dwarven culture, it is a day for feasting and telling stories, a day of camaraderie. It is held now during the winter months in Dwarven and elven lands. Some humans have adapted to it as well, and it is not uncommon to attend a Thirdday feast in Illinarian lands. Telling stories is an integral part of Thirdday, as it is supposed to represent in all way the joining of cultures between elf and dwarf. A time when one would learn of the other.

On the Fourth day Emberlaine and his men accompanied the dwarves to their homes in the city of Ker-Maladorn. There they surveyed the three great wonders of the ancient fortress and came to know the great workings of stone that the dwarves had long prided themselves on .The first wonder was of the cascading lava-flow of the Giants tongue. The second was the Hall of Maladorn, with vaulted ceilings so high that they retreated into shadow. The third was the Eonforge, the forge that had beenused to create the "Thaeden Fareed" a mace of dwarven legend. Amazed they took many drawings of the place to bring home to their Lord. There they feasted ad drank together, singing songs of a happiness neither race had felt in some many years. For there each saw in the other the opportunity to rid themselves of Venoroxis for all time.

In the elven bastion city of Van-Porilae, the dwarves came to know th wonders of which the Elves had long since become proficient. While magic motes would float singing tinkling songs while lighting the path through the oppressive mist, the way the elves has twisted and changed the trees to become like a tight weave was astounding. Truly catapult stones would simply bounce away from such living walls.

The dwarves and elves held their council privately while they decided on how to act against the might against one such as Venoroxis. It had come to be that both races had suffered spies from those seeking to gain power and prestige from Venoroxis and her agents. So of their discussion nothing is recorded. They did however come to some manner of agreement, which results in the tale of the Wyrmsheart Twice Stolen.

Briefly, in the story the elves use their great magics to locate the lair of the fell beast and the elves and dwarves sent their greatest heroes forward to slay the beast. As such Emberlaine and Gael strode forth together with a dozen of the elven lords most prized sorcerers along with a dozen of the dwarves famed Silver Shield soldiers. Together they found Venoroxis in her lair and with elven magics subdued her, stealing her heart.

The Dragons Heart as after stolen back by agents of Venoroxis after which they promptly returned her to life. No sign of the wyrm has been seen since this time.

Thus ends the Age of Vengeance and so begins the Age of Man.
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