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Missives 1002

Type of Missve: To the Realms Public
Date: October 1002
Responses: Unknown at this time
I'm sorry... Fox was it? I don't understand you makin a mockery of this situation...
Whether you intended humor or jes to be outright inSULTING had you BEEN there when this
all occured you cure as HELL wouldn't be making jokes...

I was there... I saw Montey get destroyed moments after he was no longer the enemy... The
war had ended, and peacefully... His father declared the war over, and montey agreed. It
was OVER... But those... Godsforsaken bitches... they wouldn't allow it... Montey tried
to STOP them... and he was completely destroyed by them...

So lets joke some more about a man being obliterated from existence!! Would you like me
to make light if YOU are ever destroyed like this!?

Is death such a JOKE to you!?

I don't know who you are... but I already don't like you...

Go back to serving your demons... You're an insult to life itself...

Gryfinn DemAvalon Greyfeather
Tags: Personal Account, Player Character, Non-Player Character, Monster Type
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