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The Liberation of Banecroft

Author: Baron Diamond Banecroft
Date: unknown

(Baron Diamond: from my briefing missive just before the Liberation)

Here's what their known powers are:

While within a few steps of their banner, all but the banner-bearer are entirely invulnerable. It is necessary to slay the bannerbearer in order to have any chance. They also made use of the redirect regional magic and armor to make archery effectively useless against the vulnerable banner. Thus our only tactic was to surround and overrun the defenders even as they did terrible damage to us (since we could not effect them) until we could slay the bannerbearer.

Even the common soldiers had excellent unencumbering heavy armor with excellent coverage.

Their general was immune to anything short of silver/magic blows. This is in addition to the heavy armor, which meant that magic missles had great difficulty penetrating. In addition, he had twice our strength-enough to carry off our banner even when fighting, something which was beyond even the strongest of us.

One of their officers (distinguishable by his black beret) was immune to everything but axes, in addition to the usual heavy armor.

There was a knight, Sir Sessel, who was mighty in battle and, given the company he kept, peversely honorable.

Prince Banks was not only a mage of some stripe but was also armored similar to the others. There was a healer as well of course.

Unlike many mindless monsters who are immune to mere normal steel, these foes cleverly combined their powers so as to obfuscate what worked on who.

The Illinarean strength is their ability to use and corrupt local magical power. We beleive most of the above powers are gained by dark pacts, sacrifices, and corruption of gods. They twisted the power of a local goddess to their ends. They admitted to getting some of their power by sacrificing commonfolk to Azrael. They used local monsters to fight for them. In Northbrook they used similar tactics, somehow using a local litch to their own ends (details are vague).

The Illinareans weakness is their arrogance. They simply cannot contain it. This is what gave Monte Banks away when he was spying undercover on us. And of course they tend to underestimate non- humans. And women - leastwise, I have never seen a woman among their warriors, and they tended to overlook our women leaving themselves open to a quick backstab.

More detailed history and stage one of the operating plan follow.

Good luck, and I'll see you on the field!
Baron Diamond
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    Liberation of Banecroft tale:

    For the benefit of those who were not there, allow me to tell some of the story: We marched onto the field with determination, to be met by Illinar's mystically-augmented
    forces. Also on the field was a marauding horde of Undead. While scouting squads located and destroyed some of Illinar's gates, the main part of the army fought
    a long desperate battle in the field. The enemy's powers proved disproportionately effective in larger numbers- but the courage and initiative and unity of the Realms
    adventurers proved more effective still! The battle see-sawed in the main field for a while - briefly Illinar was able to retake some ground lost, but as more and
    more of us learned how to deal with their powers, we were able to drive them back.

    We were also aided by timely re-inforcements: Sir Fayedren, Rolf, and the goodly folk of the BLF came to our aid when we were in most desperate need. With their help, we drove the enemy from the field.

    Once out of the field, we contested the trail up the hill towards Banecroft tower. This consisted of furious battle on the trail with flankers insinuating through the very thick brush on either side as best as we were able. One we were within sight of our goal and ready for the final push, the healers repositioned restoring magics closer to the front line. Despite the enemy's attempt to break our circles, this proved
    to be decisive. Additionally, those on the line fought with a determination and bravery that has rarely been equaled. Despite the hillside making it impossible to flank the path, our progress actually increased as we drove the final yards to victory.

    Fellow adventurers, I salute you all! Against a canny, determined foe you came through all the way! I thank you on behalf of my grateful populace.

    While the much of the army rejoiced despite their exhaustion, a few dilligent mages worked feverishly to restore the scalps of several adventurers who had been sacrificed by the Illinarean netherforms. I believe they were successful in saving all.
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