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Illinarian Atlas: 3rd Edition

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Tempastros Educari, Illinar
Date: 11/25/1006
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon

The Illinarian Atlas: Third Edition

The continent of Esh'Ello is drifting in the midst of the Jadesea, noted for its emerald waters. The ocean is erractic, making sailing problematic. Thusly the exploration of the Jadesea is very incomplete. The waters are simply too much for most captains to bare. Along the coast the Illinarians have two significant bays, the Bay of the White Warden and the Bay of Coins. The Bay of the White Warden is so named after King Tyrin Banks who ruled following the War of Embers. The fishermen name the bay after him once he loosened taxation on fishermen in an attempt to promote seamanship throughout the kingdom. The Bay of Coins was so named due to a merchants exploration vessel that ran afoul of a reef during a storm, nearly fifty thousand golden crowns flickered to the bottom of the bay. This is a sacred area for Tymorans. The Bay of Coins is central in tales reguarding Tymora's two faces. What is granted can be easily taken away.

To the south lies the Shattered Isles, a place of great mystery, while some ruins exist to suggest that a civilization far older and more primitive existed there the island is all but deserted. The only inhabitants that were found during the expediation's short stay were a host of angry elementals, locked in combat with one another. The elementals were extremely belligerent and nearly killed the entire expedition team, none have returned since the initial foray. The Crown has banned all ships from passing tothe Shattered Isles due to their terrible danger.

The continent of Esh'Ello itself, named by the elves is divided in half by the Godtoen Mountain Range. A series of inhospitable peaks capped with ice and snow and filled with razor-sharp vales and caves harboring all manners of monsteres and dwarves are all that await travelers in this region. The mountains are named due to their appearance, against the rest of the countryside, it seems as though the gods simply tore the mountains from the earth and places them in the center of Esh'Ello. These mountains remain largely uncharted.

THe capital of Illinar is the city of Darkharbor, on its northwestern shore. With its tall walls of dark stone, and the royal throne, it is literally the seat of the King's power. Darkharbor serves as the most advanced city in all of Illinar. Many fine galleries, theaters and temples line the streets of Darkharbor. The Cathedral of Justice resides here, along with the Temple of Fortune. Templars of both orders rake an active role in the betterment of the city. Betwen the King and the royal court living here, the Legion of the Horn does an excellent job of keeping the city secure. While Darkharbor commands the Illinarian fleet, it bears noting that it is largely antiquated and sees little use beyond occasionaly patrolling the coastline.

East of Darkharbor lays the Kingswood. It is one of the three largest forests in Illinar, and home to excellent game for hunting. In recent years it has become a place of ill-repute, and allegedly the home of a number of brigands. Though the Legion goes to excruciating lengths to secure the forest, more theives always manage to arrive seeminnly on a monthly basis. The Legion as recently resorted to assigning a personal selection of guardsmen to accompany every traveler passing through the Kingswood on their way to Leneasa. A few foresters and hunters call the Kingswood home, but it is largely uninhabited.

East of the Kingswood lies the magnificent city of Leneasa. The Jewel of Illinar is the largest city in the Kingdom. The merchant houses of Illinar call Leneasa home, ideally situated between Hambleford, Darkharbor, and Staybrook, all people pass through Leneasa, and all goods as well. A man can find anything he might desire in its gilded streets. It boasts an open-air market that spans seven city blocks that runs four days a week. The school of magic Tempastros Educari resides here, which instructs young adepts in the way of sorcery for the betterment of mankind. The temple of Davagun, the God of Wealth and Tradecraft, resides here in Leneasa. The Legion of the Horn is responsible for the protection of most of the city, but the council of merchants also employs a militia to keep the peace in their absence, as the Legion can't be everywhere at once, and with so many people looking for ways to spend their crowns, thieves are not uncommon. The council of Maurens Hammer has its officers in Leneasa as well.

The village of Staybrook lies south of Leneasa. The village is predominantly populated by fishermen who ply thier trade along the shores of Tyrin's Tear. Staybrook is surprisingly well off considering its humble populace. Chapels dedicated to Tymora and Justari can be found here, as well as a number of fine restaurants and eateries. Staybrook serves as a major hub between the miners of Saradan and the trade city of Leneasa, and surely the village benefits from the passing mercahnts.

East of Staybrook is Tyrin's Tear, the largest body of water in Illinar. It is so named after the son of Mauren Banks, also names the White Warden. The waters of tyrin's Tear are teeming with fish, and dotted with smal wooded islands. While most of the islands have been maped by the fishermen of Staybrook, certainly there are more to these primordial islands than meets the eye. This is an excellent stop for picnics.

South of Tyrin's Tear is the King's Tear river, like the Tyrin's Tear this river is full of fish. It is a fast running river, though not overly wide. Though simpler to ford than the Hamblevine, the stone bridge south of Staybrook does simplify this process considerably.

South of the King's Tear river lies the town of Saradan, boasting the largest population of the three villages, Saradan closely trails Pale in terms of population. This is largely due to the ready availability of honest work in and around Saradan. The lumber in the Saltwood is the best in Illinar for housing, and many veins of silver ore have been found on all sides of Saradan. A pair of large quarries operate near Saradan as well. This makes for a very competitive market., and many opportunities exist for enterprising individuals. A church of Davagun calls Saradan home. Smaller chapels exist dedicated to Justari and Tymora as well. A small port lies west of Saradan that trades with Darkharbor.

East of Saradan rests the Saltwood. It is so named due to the marshes that run through its southern fens. While the Saltwood is the home of two ancient dwarven ruins, it also plays host to a growing number of undead. Ghouls of all shapes and sizes sem to flock to the Saltwood. There are numerous lumbering operations here, and Illinarian adventurers are constantly employed to clear the Saltwood of undead to make the forest safe fro workers. The timber in the forest's northern regions are excellent for building sturdy homes, while lumber in the southern fens is the best wood in Illinar for musical instruments. The local name for the southern fens is the Songwood for this reason.

The Hamblevine is the longest running river in Illinar. Having been the site of one of the greatest victories the humans have ever known; Daryl's Charge. It is a very wide and rapidly running river with two crossings, one at Hambleford and one to the distant south names Witches Crossing. Witches Crossing is a stone bridge, built by the dwarves during their occupation of Hambleford, the bridge in Hambleford is wood, so that it might be burned should the dwarves return. While there was talk of destroying the Witches Crossing bridge, it has been reguarded as a historical monument. There are few fish along the Hamblevine, the poisoning of the source during the War of Embers apparently had some lingering effect. The ifhs that do swim in these waters are weak and small, and do not make much of a meal. The water itself can be drank without fear of poisoning.

The village of Hambleford spans both sides of the Hamblevine River. It is a densely constructed town, the buildings are placed very near each other, giving the impression of a town that is huddled around itself. There is bountiful farmland just west of the town, and indeed many of the townsfolk benefit from the farms, as the river isn;t the greatest source of fishing since the War of Embers. The eastern shore is patrolled by the Legion of the Horn. Due to the town's close proximity to the Great Divide, thre is always fear of demon attacks. Hambleford benefits immensely from trade between Leneasa and Pale. A few dwarven statues have been retained and placed among the parks of Hambleford to serve as a reminder of the dwarven occupation.

The Northwood spans much of the northen coast. it is a dark forest of ice and mystery. Explorers whoe have entered it have seen ice trolls and frost giants. Those who go any deeper don't seem to return. An adventuring party entered its depths in 617IR and reported a tower of stone and ice of a style strangely reminiscent of Darkharbor's old district. they did not dare enter the tower, as it had a cursed look to it.

Pressed up against the Godtorn Mountains is the Great Divide, a great swamp expanse of nothing. It is a hopeless and bleak land, eternally covered ina blanket of fog. Demons and other terrible things wander this place with abandon. Though the Army of the Harvest Moon is a very active in the plungign its depths, a group fo soldiers will only get so far before their magicks run too low to continue. Some have reported s strange hill rising out of the fog in the center, but those who speak of it are the ones who have gone deepest into the Great Divide.

The city and fortress of Pale lies outh of the Great Divide and north of the Wretched Scar. Between such hives of demonic activity the city has prosepered. The military academy at Pale was founded by Daryl Phenbrooke, the first genereal of the army of the Harvest Moon, and it is the greatest training ground in all of Illinar. The city of Pale boasts the finest armorers and weaponsmiths in the Kingdom. The people themselves are hearty and tough. They are prepared for invasionat a moment's notice as the Commander of the Harvest Moon controls the city. The Fortress of Pale is the most defensible holding in Illinar, resting on a hill, and surrounded with high walls, the Illinarians have entrenched themselves, always waiting for the next attack from their neighbors, which is never a long ways off.

South of Pale rest the Wretched Scar. A thermal vent in the ground that is a breeding ground for demons and cultists. The Army of the Harvest Moon routinely sweeps the entire scar with hundreds of men to keep the demons at bay. They always return, leading to the rumor that the vent in some way leads directly to the Nine Hells.

The Basin of Esh'Ello lies east of the Godtorn Mountains, we only know of it from stories the elves and dwarves told us before their betrayal. The Basin is surrounded on all sides by high cliffs, the waters of the Jadesea around the shore are filled with shar coral that shreds the bottom of any boat that would explore there, hence the Bay of Coins.
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