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The Elves Taelorin and Sahnd

Author: unknown, believed to be Taelorin and Sahnd
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Aeston Stromgate
On the Birth of the Forest and the Dûredhil
as taught by the histories of Menegn'n and related by Taelorin and Sahnd

Now it came to pass that all the races of the world had found their own place to live. Man still had not learned the rules of the world, but was comfortable to wander wherever he pleased. The Goblins (creatures both foul and cancerous) carved homes into the cracks of the wastelands. On one day, while Corellon was sitting in Menel He noticed two of His children sitting in the Plains of Orchalth'r. They were brother and sister, and their names were Ebudenel and Eninnoor. The two siblings were sitting in the dry grass, their fair skin being ever warmed by the Sun. Corellon wondered why this must be so. Why could His children not have a place that was deserving of their beauty instead of the dry and colorless grass?

While He looked on them and contemplated the lot of these His children Corellon bore witness to a group of Elves who took Ebudenel and Eninnoor away into some caves on the outskirts of the Plains of Orchalth'r. Corellon was enraged at this and brought Himself before His people and asked, "Where have these elves taken my children?"

"To their home in the ground," replied the elves.

Corellon had already lost more than just His children to the caves which bordered the Plains of Orchalth'r. He began the ascent back to Menel all the while His tears trailed behind Him. A tear was shed for each thought on what He had lost in the caves which bordered the Plains of Orchalth'r. While He ever thought on His beautiful children and all that He had lost to the plain World, His tears hit the Earth and great magic occurred. Where His tears landed great pools were created and around them sprung the world's first trees and plants. Great forests were born in the wake of Corellon's sadness. Many of the elven people were entranced by the beauty of these places, and went to them. Some elves, however, were not so thankful. The elves from the caves which bordered the Plains of Orchalth'r came out to shout up to Corellon while He rested in Menel.

"Take back these foul gifts of life. You have long left us abandoned and we love only the darkness now."

Such harsh words burnt the tongues of the elves who spoke them. Corellon was enraged for these were the same elves that had kidnapped Ebudenel and Enininoor. He cursed them with a blackened skin and pale hair, so that the light they wished to forsake would pain their burnt flesh. Then the Dûredhil, as they were now called fled to the darkness beneath the Earth. In this darkness their anger grew so much so that they were no longer elves but a new people entirely. On the service the elven men and women live as equals, but deep in the ground the men of the D'redhil are little more than slaves. In the deep darkness of the world the woman of D'redhil had found new power, and they had found a leader willing to challenge Corellon. In the caves which bordered the Plains of Orchalth'r. They found the Ungolbereth Lloth.

Lloth led the D'redhil back to the surface and waged a great war against the elves there. She brought with her a new race called Urug. The elves were scattered to the four corners of the Earth by this war, much like the wars of the man-people scattered mankind. Many Elves who were kin lost touch with each other, and became so unlike that some have even forgotten their kinships. This is the time when our people first came to Menegn'n. We know not how the battle concluded, but no D'redhil has been seen in the west since time out of mind, but it is known to all that 'i parf o Thenidg'l' reads - i D'redhil r'niel o i galad maethannen beleg auth ah i rh'nedhil.

On the fate of the D'redhil no more is written.
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