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Tom Rime

(This letter was sent to Tetch sometime before april of 999)

Greetings, Sir Tetch Twiceborn,

I understand you are a gatherer of information. Let me then introduce myself, as I am sure there are more rumours about me among you and your fellow heroes than facts, and precious few of either.

I am the Ice Mage.

I studied no magic as a youth. I believe now that I was born with some of the power I hold now, and suspect my brother Tim the Enchanter was as well. I can only guess why. For whatever reasons, I gained the ability to channel the cold. I do so quite well.

Long ago I was enlisted to aid Queen Mab, and fell in love. We interfered with Arthur's quest to find the Sangrail, but in the process, succeeded perhaps too well. I bargained with five men, heroes I suppose, who wanted to return Merlin to life. They killed me, returning the life energy to Merlin. Later, as they promised, they had me returned to life using the Sangrail itself. In return, they made some promises, as did I.

I have never been an evil man, but I have been turned from my natural inclinations to doing some good from time to time. Perhaps doing this will allow me to grow in some way or another.

If you see me, and this I would have shared, know I have sworn never to harm the people of the lands collectively known as the Realms, as long as they harm neither myself or Queen Mab.

I may even aid your people from time to time, as I did with imprisoning the Zin. Trust, though, that my aid always comes at a price. The people feasting in Paradise to honor Min were lucky to gain my help for only 50 gold pieces. (Any who suspect perhaps it was a favor are correct, and I have no problem admitting that.) I will be found to be helpful, but I too have needs and whims. From time to time, it may even appear that I have a cause.

I will be seeing you.

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