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BlackWing is a Shaman of the Spirit Guides.

The following of the Spirit Guides in this case is shamanistic in nature. The Spirit Guides are animal totems that represent important aspects of both personal and cultural survival. The Guides are neutral in nature, and they favor balance. A Spirit Guide only chooses one person to Guide at a time.

According to BlackWing, since the beginnings of man, there has been a number of Spirits that are interested in the affairs of man, and guide man along the balance. (I know that this is true, as I myself was guarded and guided by such spirits for most of my life, though not these spirits....) Each of the Spirit Guides has their place, or aspect, listed below. Each of them also has a chosen, a human tied to the Spirit. This is what Blackwing is. He is the chosen of the Raven. The other chosen have all been lost. BlackWing seeks to replace the chosen. He has been speaking to a number of people, about following the path of the Spirit Guides.

Here is the list of Spirit Guides that have been related to me, and their 'aspects' or 'positions' within the 'Tribe'. Some Guides have been given more than on aspect because the information I received disagreed, not because it's necessarily true.

The Bear = the defender
The Owl = the healer/wisdom
The Snake = the killer/assassin
The Raven = the observer
The Wolf = the attacker
The Stag=Nobility
The Stallion=Heroism
The Fox = Scout - (Spy/Misdirection?)

BlackWing is apparently the only chosen of the Spirit Guides remaining. He had been imprisoned for a very long time, recently released. He is very old, and doesn't believe he has very long to find replacements to be chosen by the Spirit Guides. He seems to be willing to teach others how to prepare for the rights that will allow the Spirit Guides to notice an applicant, increasing the possibility that a Spirit Guide will 'choose' another follower.

BlackWing was apparently held in an astral prison (some said it may have been a piece of the nexus floating in astral space) and guarded by some sort of dog/beast tied to a tree. He was released during the 1997 Black and White Masquerade ball.

BlackWing was apparently driven mad during his imprisonment, though recovered when his soul, which had been placed in a jar, was released and returned to him. In addition to putting his soul in a jar, he has been observed to have healing abilities as well.

Apparently, while imprisoned, BlackWing was spouting dark prophesy.
Does anyone know what he foresaw?
Does anyone know who imprisoned BlackWing? Does anyone know of anymore Spirit Guides, and their Aspects?

I have also been asked to inquire:
Is there a Lion Spirit Guide?

Also, someone asked me what I know of Animal Guides. I do know some things, but they clearly are not the same as the Spirit Guides that BlackWing has described. I will try to find some time to list those Animal Guides as well, though they do not directly relate to BlackWing.

- Tetch
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