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Malyne Doona

Dame Faelinn passed over a box of schlok, but at the bottom was a burned out set of documents. I have attempted to stitch it all back together, and will scribe here what I see. - Sir Iawen Penn


There is no salvation for me, my soul is lost to evil.
Hope no longer fills my heart, only anger and pain.
I cannot feel the light of Aurora,
I feel the stabbing anguish of despair. I am
sinking into darkness, and there is no way
back into the light for me.

Please remember my good deeds, not my mistakes.
Give my body a proper burial, and do not
try to save my soul. Just let me go into the darkness
and serve my eternity in pain. It is what I deserve.

I shall miss you, and all I have met: Cain, Faelinn,
Christoph, Iacob, Theus... BE SAFE.

- Malyne Doona
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