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The Jackal

By Tetch

The being known as the Jackal is a Jackal-Headed humanoid, something that
looks much like one of the ancient Egyptian gods. It appears that he is some
sort of demi-god, affiliated with the Grey Man and Gaia. The creature speaks
forthrightly and politely, if at any time you ask him to go away, he bows,
apologizes for inconveniencing you, and disappears. He is very polite... He
has a tendency to appear to those recently killed, though has made
appearances to the living to make deals. The following was dictated to me,
by the aforementioned Jackal.

Greeting friend ,

I am called the Jackal. I am a servant of the Grey Man, after a fashion, and
I have a proposition for you...
The Grey Man is an aspect of Death - there is more to his nature than that
of course, but that is the essential gist of it. To be frank, he would
prefer that once you died, you stayed dead. The development of magics that
restore the dead to life are ... troublesome ... to his duties.
I am capable of returning you to life once you are dead. If I do so, you
will be marked by the experience. Once you have acquired 200 such marks,
your body will no longer be able to be raised with a normal raise dead
without some sort of higher intervention.
These marks are not on your soul. I have no interest in your soul, in your
free will, in your actions, in anything of yours - with the exception of
curbing your false immortality. These marks affect the part of yourself that
allows healing magic to restore you to life with the ease that they
currently do...
Someday, perhaps, as you lie dead upon the field of battle, or fallen from a
quest, or maybe in a tourney ring, I will come to visit you, and ask you if
you accept my offer of life. In some cases I may very well be your only
option, your only chance to return to life... If you accept my offer, you
will be marked. I will endeavor to make sure you understand what the mark
is, and what it represents, and also endeavor to leave you alone if you do
not wish my 'services'.
Thank you for your time...
The Jackal

I feel I should note that the Kal do not dislike the Jackal, but they also
don't like him... They are quite neutral about him.
Tetch Twiceborne
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