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Just a Myth Guilds

Brotherhood of the Sacred Shield: You are among the few gifted with preserving life and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. To serve Life is to serve those as best you can as a healer and guardian. Woe be to those who prey on others for your wrath is swift and sure. Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. Consider the consequences of your actions so that your least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. (Realize that this, and all the text after, was my noble's opinion, not mine. - Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti)

Thoughts on other guilds:

Order or Magic: Scholars and mages, they perhaps spend too much time learning and not enough doing for your tastes. They foster the creation of new things to make life better for all and more meaning full.

Midnight Shadows: The loss of life should be mourned not celebrated. Those who dwell only in death, do not know the joy of life. Pity and scorn are the only things that should be reserved for these heartless killers and shadow wrapped thieves.

Children of the Reaver: Brutal, chaotic, and mad. They fight with a ferocity that can be respected, but lack the focus and dedication to make it meaningful. No matter their prowess, they are more beast than man. If the rumors of human sacrifice and blood rites are true, then perhaps they should be put down like the animals they are.
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