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Just a Myth Dream

Dreamer: Sir Iawen Penn
Date: 10/21/2010
Where dream occured: Wendmor
Interpretation included: Yes.
Through clouds of blue smoke she sees a scene she is remotely familiar with.

A man hunches over a flame with many things around him.

He takes a metal and forges it out into a flat bar.

He takes stories being told to him from around the circle and creates a fathomable constant into the mix.

The scene goes by as a sword is hoisted in the air.
This Dream was a response, actually, to a Find the Path done a while ago. It was cast to find the first rip in reality that was made in that world. The man working is who we know as Prince Gideon over here. When he created a sword called Destiny in that world, and he first swung it up into the air, the first tear was made.

Which I still feel is a terrible thing, the fact that we made a sword with the express intent of destroying the evil that was hell-bent on destroying that world, and no one (that I'm aware of) at the time had any idea it would cut through reality with every swing.
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