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Just a Myth Power(s)

(Lady Iawen)

Special Ability: Song of Change (3 uses)- You may sing a song at a critical moment to create some form of change(make something happen). You can tell a GM before or after singing the song.

Special Ability: Rallying Cry (1 use)- You may in time of great need, lift the spirits of your friends so much that they recover from their injuries. (Those in the sound of my voice, rise and fight)

Spell Ability: 1 path Healer, follower of Valinaar

Was a member of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Shield

(found pages 11/14/2020)
Lady Iawen Andromeda Penn-Nosetti

Just a Myth [IC] Spellbook
Female, Healer, Bard, Noble
Follower of Valinaar, God of Healing
- Channeler
1. Immunity to Poison
2. Heal Limb
3. Group Healing
4. Raise Dead
5. Combat Raise Dead
6. Circle of Healing

No Armor, Severe Restriction
(OOC: See New List! 2 Healer, 1 Channeler, @ 2nd Just a Myth Gathering)

Immunity to Poison - Uses 3 - MC: Lipstick Kiss VC: (10 words) "By the kiss of His Divine Mercy, may you not fall."
Heal Limb - Uses Unlimited - VC: (20 words) "By will and whim I heal your limb. By Valinaar's will and whim, I now heal your limb. You're good."
Group Healing - Uses 2 - MC - 30'ft rope AC: Lay rope in a circle around the dead. - VC: (10 Words) "By the sword and shield, I consecrate this circle to Valinaar." CRD, CD, ImmPoi, Heal Limb, and RD can be used here. Taught by Thomas Althorne the II.
Raise Dead - Uses 5 - AC: No weapons within ten feet (10') of caster while casting. VC (30 Words) - "By the shield we bear, come and fill this haven. By the sword that's crossed, come and claim this spirit. In the name of Valinaar, come and fill this temple. We need you up desperately, so rise and live."
Combat Raise Dead - Uses 3 - VC (3 words) AC (have to touch cast) "Rise and live."
Circle of Healing - Uses 1 - VC: (25 words) "God, grant me the power to change things, the voice to change things, the privilege of furthering good works over words in this world. Amen." (Cure Disease, Heal Limb, or Raise Dead only. Keep weapons away.)
(Channeler III, IV, V, VI) Divine Aid --> used as a deaf marshaling tool.
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