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Just a Myth Gods

Name: Just a Myth Pantheon
Domain: Varied
Symbols: Unknown
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: David Key-Wallace, Leanne Hoffman
Area of Influence: Just a Myth gatherings only
Valinaar, God of Healing
Domain Healing
Inclusive domains Life, Healing, Guardianship
Alternate name The Guiding Hand
Male/Female Male
Path association Healer, Channeler
Guild associated Brotherhood of the Sacred Shield
Symbol a sword crossed over a shield
Physical form Crusader

Shiadrin - God of Magic
Domain: Magic, Fate Creation
Often apears as a wisened old man or scholar (for us, this is Antioch. Don't call him that over there.)

Kurinax - Goddess of Darkness
Domain: Dakrness, Death, Secrets
Often appears as a beautiful young woman in black robes or an assassin.

Urathan - God of Blood
Domain: Blood, Savagery, Beasts
Often apears as a human/beast hybrid or a beast made up of many different animal characteristics.

And, your un-favorite and mine:

Zerastryx, the Ashen Dragon
Goddess of Destruction
Has physically manifested as a dracolich, which King Quinn did not defeat (but almost did. Bitch disappeared.).

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