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Chimeron is tied to Fae. Even though the courts have left, and their influence has waned, Fae still flourishes, and some there still follow the old ways.

1 Steal Corpse 5 uses, an explanation - Just like Zombie Walk, but allows corpses to run.

2 Guiding Light: As per light, but undisruptable and may leave the range of voice

3 Resist Identification: You are able to call no-effect to the following spells: id creature, and detect fae.

4 Weapon of Command: Uses: 1 MC :see below Verbal: "weapon to me"
can make a summon-able/desumonable weapon. Must have "Weapon of command" on it, my name, and heraldry. The weapon vanishes upon death.

5 Iron Will MC: Wear group's heraldry
Can not be compelled by any means (truth poison, love poison, create undead, etc.)

6 Shatter 1 use 1 use, 20 words - Must touch target object with his weapon. Target object is shattered and must have Repair Item or Repair Magic Item(whichever is appropriate) in order to be fixed. Cannot be used on a Wayland Blade.

7 Changeling 1 use - Cast at the beginning of the event to make himself a Changeling. The Changeling looks and acts just like him, and in fact has access to all of the caster's memories and abilities. At ANY point during the event (even while scalped) the caster may decide to allow the Changeling to vanish, and the caster reappears near the tavern area. If anyone asks, he wasn't there. The caster will remember everything the Changeling experienced. Cackle insanely.
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