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History and Tradition

The history and traditions define Chimeron as a nation.

1 Ritual of light: Light as per the spell, but can leave the range of your voice (must have a bag to travel w/ it or thick pockets, etc. in the event of a disrupt. It is only disrupted if a person near the light spell hears the disrupt go off.)

2 Pyr became of the Blood - When King pyr became of the blood, he was a knight of Eagles Rook. You can keep a portal open or closed an additional 10 seconds. There must be a time limit for this to work. You can not open or close the portal, just keep it the way it is for an additional 10 seconds, and this only works for magical gates/portals (wonít work on a doorway for example.)

3 Birth of the Prince: The birth of the prince was new life, and you can give that life to others. Raise Dead, as per the spell

4 The Ascension War: Mckrye was at the ascension war, and survived the tale. As he fought with an axe, so can you. If THE AXE is available, you may fight with it (and only it unless it is not outside of your weapon restriction). Otherwise, you may swing ďaxeĒ with any weapon you wield.

5th: Breath of Life. At the black and white, the dead walk amongst us once again, but only for a short time. This breath recreates that. If the target has been dead for the past minute, they can take one breath, and while holding that breath, they are alive, for up to 20 seconds. They drop dead upon exhaling the breath (calls donít count such as arm, or poison, but OOC. you donít get to breath back in until you are dead,) and can still take damage as per normal. If the target talks, they die as soon as they finish one sentence, or run out of breath. Unlimited uses. To cast, touch the dead body, say a 10 word verbal, and explain how the spell works.

6th Founding of Chimeron: Meg walked into the lands of chimeron, and the mists parted revealing chimeron. You may walk someplace where you would not normally be able to walk, but only once (for example, you may walk across a pit or cut through a wall, etc.) This may or may not work with all kinds of terrain, walls, etc. Check with a marshal to see if this spell works on a wall or a particular pit.

7th: Sir Pyr, Oracle of the Deep Fae: King Pyr was the monarch in place before King Alexander Cecil. He went on to become the oracle of the deep fae. You may ask the Oracle of the Deep Fae one question.
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