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1st: Kieren’s Time: 1 use. A new adventurer, but one who deserves to be remembered. Kieren lived in the moment for his last breaths, and he extended ours. This allows that moment to last longer. Add time to something. Remember, this is a pool spell, so it may only be limited to a second or two, or it may expand it further, based on what the count was for, and how long the count originally was. If you don’t have time to talk to a marshal, it adds one second to the count.

2nd: Cuchullain’s Truth : One Question, try to keep it short.

3rd: Pol Coville’s Magic: Cantrip, as per the spell.

4th: Altana’s Legacy: Enfeeble Being, as per the spell. If you point at the target with a fan, the verbal is “I declare you mundane, enfeeble being!”

5th: Val’s Last Gift: 1 use: When activated, you get 5 combat raises. If you cast any spell other than those combat raises, any remaining uses are lost.

5th: Sir Daniel Roseblade’s (Sir Quick’s) Faith: Seance as per the spell, but it goes to Aurora.

6th: are you a knight, squire, or neither?
If Knight: Sir Lars’ Honor - 1 use - You may magically place a gaes on a person to do something (or not do something) with their permission. Nothing can magically compel the person to give permission for this spell, and due to this, once cast, nothing can prevent the spell from effecting it’s target or remove the spell other than the original caster.
If Squire: Squire Shoshanna and Squire Reede Bluestar’s Loyalty - You are considered to always be at your knight's side. You may cast any spell on your knight as if you were touching them. Additionally, if for any reason your knight gets stuck somewhere(behind a gate for example), you may use this to go to their side (talk to the EH/MM to try and use this power). This won’t get you out of the problem though, only into it.

If neither: Sir Fletch’s Sacrifice: unlimited uses, 30 words. You may take the following onto yourself curing another of it: Death, disease, poison, and wounds. This may be used to take on a scalping, but you voluntarily accept a tick. Nothing can force you to do this.
IF Neither: Lord Adyan’s Skill: Armor Piercing, as per the spell.

7th: Queen Meg and Heron, Her Guardian: Queen Meg was strong while she adventured, but when Oberon attacked the hill, it was realized a guardian was needed, and Heron took up that mantle.
Choose a person to protect. While within 5' (five feet) of them, and they are alive you gain TWO of the following advantages:
Your weapon restriction is bumped up one notch.
You have one point armor.
Ability to cast Ward: Enchanted Beings.
Ability to wield a shield outside of your restriction ( a three path may wield the shield and their dagger, a one or two path can wield a shield and a single short in their restriction).
You may take a single additional advantage if you take one of the following disadvantages:
If the person you are protecting dies or is scalped, you are also.
After Activating the spell, you may not leave the line of sight of the person (with exception of OOC reasons such as using the restroom) or the spell ends and can not be recast until a spell reset.
You have access to none of your other spells while protecting the person..
7th: The Wind of Nero: As Nero once did, so can you. You may make yourself insubstantial like the wind once. While like this nothing may touch you, and you may not touch anything. You may cast spells such as raise dead, but if a component is to touch or hand the body anything the spell can not work. If you get in the way of combat repeatedly, the spell is forcibly ended. You may voluntarily end the spell with a slow 10 (ten) count out loud.
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