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Shane ascended during the ascension war, and as such, his influence is still felt.

Sir Shane:
The powers of Sir Shane, Avatar of War.

1. Illiteracy- dfa j ipdpbdakewi oisdlfewefw k; jdic dl (can't read or write)

2. Ask Sir Shane. One question. Make it quick.

3. Plaid Armored Cloak. As per the spell, but the fabric must be plaid.

4. Avatar of Chimeron: Sacrifice. If used to take on a scalping, you willingly choose to be gone forever (3-tick yourself and report to the Death Marshal).

5. Knight of the Crown: Heal one wound up to but not including scalping.

6. Knight of the Flame: One call of Resist Death.

7. Fighter for a Day (no spells with the exception of these Regionals). You can go through Circles of Protection (unless carrying magical weapons or artifacts) as though you were an actual fighter, but due to the spells (again, your Regionals), you are still Enchanted.
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