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Chimeron is a family, and each subnation within it adds to it.

1st: Qua Taereth Nunna’s Herbal Remedy: Magic is frowned upon in Qua Taereth Nunna. Here is an herbal remedy to cure the sick. (cure disease, as per the spell)

2nd: Domus Equitum’s Self Improvement: Domus Equitum strive to improve oneself. 1 use: go up to the magic marshal, and assign yourself a quest. Upon it’s completion, the MM may give you a boon based on the difficulty of the quest and how well you completed it.

3rd: Rua Thar Cinn: Break Reality: Sometimes, the laws of the universe are just inconvenient. 2 uses:Disenchant as per the spell, or if you can’t get to the object (or don’t want to touch it), you can throw the “null magic” in a magic missile prop(knowledge of the spell Magic Missile is not required) and call “disenchant” after saying the 30 word verbal.

4th: Griffindor’s Protection: Griffindor protects those who are unable to protect themselves. 3 uses: Protection from Melee as per the spell except: A) It HAS to be cast on another person, and B) if you cast it on a person who is not in any nation, you may recast it on them once without spending a casting.

5th: Azure Guard: Escort - 1 use: You may escort someone, who is physically close to you. Tell them you are casting this spell on them, and if they are dead, and out of sight, you can all out “, are you dead?” and if they are they have the choice of answering either “Yes”. You may only cast this on one person, but you can check if they are dead unlimited times. Both you and the target may yell.

6th: Pax Tharkus: Specialization: The people of Pax Tharkus truly work hard, and tend to specialize. 1 use. You may choose one of your spells of 5th circle or lower, and the magic marshal will improve it somehow.

7th: Chimeron is Family: Bannerspell- Fly your banner, and it will effect your group. - If you are a part of the group, it affects you. You can’t have it not affect a member of the group.

Known Bannerspells:
Chimeron - For King & Country - All members of Chimeron must plant their feet. They keep track, but do not take, any and all shots that occurred to their person until either the banner is down OR the threat has passed (at which point they take all the shots they have tracked). This may mean being scalped as soon as the spell ends.
RTC - The Oncoming Storm - All members of Rua Thar Cinn can use each other's magic missile props and gain one extra prop.
Azure Guard - Azure Charge - When their banner is flown, the Azure Guard begins their chrage. So long as that charge continues (they keep moving and they remain together) they all have unlimited combat raises on each other, which also repairs their armor. The spell ends when the banner goes down OR when their charge has been stopped.
Realms - Come Forth... - After 30 seconds, a Realmsian may zombie walk to their banner, but this spell is not necromantic(doesn't make them undead).
Healer's Guild - Everybody Lives - All members of the guild get five (5) combat raises, u if they cast any spell other than a combat raise, any remaining uses for that caster go away.
The Guild of Bearded Mage - Beard Tug Shennanigans... - Depends.
Saurabia - Jurassic Perk - Transformation that all members HAVE to shift into. Build is the same for all of them.
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