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Kept in Stitches

(I haven't been able to scry the first portions just yet. Suffice to say, Laurante was killed when attempting to enter Leah's Citadel. He comes to on the day of January 14th, 1011 M.R., on an operating table. - Aven)
"I wouldn't recommend walking around just yet," the Inventress commented casually as Laurante's knees gave out underneath him. "My stitching was fast, and my repairs are decent, but they are just that, repairs. Your body has to get used to actually doing its own work in the next minute or so. Why don't you just sit for a while. Tell me why you're missing a hand." She shifted the gun contraption to her right side, hiding it under the long jacket. She then picked up a twisted-looking hammer, and stared down at Laurante. His head was swimming, and he didn't feel all that great.
He very quietly to himself whispered Pargon Jiva Santek, repeating the chant a few times as he glared at her. "That is not a question you need to know the answer to and do not look further into it," he said with a cold, matter-of-fact tone while trying to sit up again. The healing chant moved its magic within Laurante, quickly yet weakly. A thought occurred to him that it must be because of the Place. He was able to get his legs to respond shakily as he attempted to stand while the girl sat next to him. "Okay, then let me ask this question: who did you bring with you? Why did you use that dragon of yours to try and kill me?" Her tone was the same as Laurante's.
He carefully moved to stand, his legs shaking all the while. Using the table to steady himself, he snapped, "I brought no one. That Wyvern," he stressed the word in annoyance, "was not doing anything to you but be scared that you were causing me harm." He looked right into her eyes. "Why did you blow me up when I came here peacefully to talk? And in such a way that I'm never going to remember how it felt! I mean, seriously!" he grumbled lightly. "I really hate the not remembering part. And what the hell?! I do not at all feel harder, stronger, or better? If you're going to make off-handed comments like that, actually do them!" He huffed and pushed off the edge to take a step in trying to pace, but wobbled and put his hand back on the table.
"Are you not bitter? That's a likeness to harder. And yes, I can do all these things, but I like to ask permission, unlike the rest of your fellows. And you are better: you are no longer dead. As for stronger, yes, I am doing that, too. You want to learn Runes correctly, do you not? Or shall I have it show you the door?" she pointed to the golem.

"And peace... no, no peace. You may wish to talk without fighting, and that is what we are doing right this second, but you cannot blame the environment for doing what is now natural to it. I warned you about the mines," she said, shaking her head while stretching. She didn't seem bothered by the tirade.
"Mines? The only thing around here is a bloody broken down fortress and a ridgeline. Nothing that even closely resembled a mine..." Laurante stared at her a bit, then looked away, muttering, "I hate when people argue with semantics..."
He inhaled and exhaled a couple times. "Lungs still work," he grumbled. "That's good... Argh! Subject change or I'm going to do something painful!" He nodded toward her, looking down where he saw her hide the gun. "Where did you get that gun, and better question: How did you stop that 'defibrillator' from practically melting a body when it's first used?"
She smiled like a child. "A mine isn't just something you get gems and rocks from."
She hopped to her feet, excited. "Here, I can show you! Oh, and I had one of my friends get it for me when I saw a pirate lost in the snow around here. He was using it to shoot down my bats, so until I can find a good way to keep them from blowing up to projectiles, no more bats."
She pulled the gun out. "AND I learned how he makes the explosions! So now I can make them, and I modified it to make it BETTER! The downside is that it becomes more loud and deafening than actually killing anything. Boo!"
The Inventress tucked the gun away, and gleefully exited the room. She then stuck her head back in. "Come on, come on, let me show you what a mine is!"
Laurante looked around for all his gear. Not going anywhere with the crazy lady until I find my--Oh. The golem has it.
It walked up behind Laurante and stared down at him.
Laurante looked up at the golem and remembered his talk to Aisling about its nature. "Pargon Matsu Taara!" he commanded, with the intent to control the earth it was made of.
The response was a painful flash to Laurante's eyes as he was physically 'shoved' by an unseen force back a few steps. He fell onto his side and cursed.
"Ah-ah-ah!" she wagged a finger at the dark elf as stars danced in his eyes. "I'm the Counselor of Earth and Water. You think I'd let my friends be unraveled by some random visitor?" Her head ducked back, then peered around. "Come on, get your stuff and follow me!"
She ducked back... then peered around the corner again like a petulant child. "Also, you're not acting peace-like if you're tryin' to take over my friends, so nyah nyah, you're not a nice guy, either!" She stuck out her tongue.
"I never... said I was nice!" Laurante kept blinking to clear his eyes. "And you can't blame a person for testing his environment after being scattered into little pieces. Urgh..." he maneuvered around to get back on his feet. Laurante then collected his gear and made sure it was all there. "If you say you wouldn't do the same, I'll have to call you a liar," he added as he put his gear back on and followed her.
"Absolutely not, I totally would check things out. You have to know your environment, how can you invent otherwise?"
"Here, put these on," she handed him a pair of dark-green tinted goggles. "That way the bright flash won't hurt your eyes. Oh, and take these," she handed him an odd thing, two... Bundles of feathers? Attached with string?? "These are wrapped very finely with gossamer string from pixies," the Inventress said, taking a pair for herself. "You put them in your ears so the blast doesn't make you deaf!" And she proceeded to do so, pulling her own goggles down on her face and stuffing her ears.
Laurante took the offered items and tried to use them as she did, with a bit of twitch as he tried to hold back a few colorful comments. "And this," she continued, knocking against a clear material, "is so you can see it, but still be protected from the shockwave. See? Totally safe!" She grinned wildly at Laurante. "You want to do the honors, or...?" She held out a black small box with a red button and a coiled wire on the top sticking out.
"Do what honors? You're babbling a mile a minute and not making an ounce of sense... I don't know what happened to you but you're more insane then I am!"
As Laurante made his commentary, she replied, "Ah, screw it. ROCKS IN THE HOLE!" she yelled and pushed the button.
Even with the 'shield', for Laurante it was still a loud enough explosion (Imagine without the muffling, what would have it done to my ears!), and the goggles protected his eyes from the flash (I see parts of metal flying away in every direction), and the shield caught a few chunks of it, getting lodged with the speed of shrapnel. "You take black powder, you see, and..." she started chattering away nonsensically as she walked in front of the shield and crossed the large expanse of a room, entering the smoke and pulling apart more bits with her work gloves.
For Laurante, the smell in the air was almost sulphuric, definitely 'burnt'. The ear-plugs in his ears as the girl walked away meant he couldn't hear her muffled yapping. The exit behind him, however, was open.

(still working. - A)
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