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Last Contact

The last person (besides the Laurante(s)) that Leah had any reasonable contact with was Nimbus's Counselor of Sky & Space, Johan. The date was supposedly around late October/early November.
He watched the retreating form of His Majesty, and sighed, his shoulders sagging a little. "Well... that didn't go over so... well," he looks sheepish as he turned to the Masked Entertainer, the Counselor of Sky & Space, Johan. "I'm still a lot like my old self when it comes to interacting with other people. Perhaps it'll go away in time?" he added hopefully.
"Perhaps, Green. Perhaps." Johan nodded with a smile as he removed the mask with a simple wave of his gloved fingers, and then crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes looking in the direction that Queen Nimbus had ventured. A small part of him agreed with the Queen; 'Green' had and has a lot to learn, but another part of Johan wondered why Her Majesty was becoming more and more tense as of late. She only seemed to relax when it was the King and her, or her and Johan, or her and certain Dukes and Duchesses. Johan fidgeted with the starched collar on his Dreamer outfit as he thought of himself attempting to have tea with the Duke of Wrath, Tybalt, and then quietly chuckled to himself. The Queen had it together better than he would in that situation.
"If you still wish to see Leah I can take you to her, introduce and vouch for you," Green's words interrupted Johan's thoughts. "Once you're settled, I'll leave you two to talk while I go steal the real Laurante away from Paradise before this gets any more out of hand: we can not afford that."
" 'We?' "
Green ignored his question. "What say you, Johan?" He leaned on his hammer's hilt with a slight grin. "Ready to possibly become a kid again?"
The corners of Johan's mouth twitched into a small smile. "Honestly, I have no clue what that was like for me so I'd be interested in experiencing it." The smile broke into a smirk. "As far as the Queen, give it time and some understanding of her perspective." Johan nodded convincingly, but to himself or Green, no one was sure. "For now, I think it's time I paid our perspective Earth and Water a visit."
"Alright then!" Green quickly slung his hammer over his shoulder and onto his back. "First things first. We need to go over a few things you need to be aware of..." Green began to talk about Leah as he led Johan out of the area and into the countryside.
As they walked, Johan noted the scenery changes: a chilly Autumn day gave over to an area touched by a random Summer. Green grass that stood knee high swished and waved as the two made their way over hills and dales, Green breaking off into tangents here and there about the inconceivable nature of nature, and how he'd have the time (when all of this was over, of course) to categorize and label all the new plants and flowers of the area. He also wanted to try and map parts of Faerie, if not the In-Between itself and viewed it as a challenge. Green also talked of how Gwydion had another name once, like Leah was the Artist. Gwydion's was The Historian, only he was bad at it.
"Good luck to any human or fae-touched trying to record the History of Faerie!" Green laughed at the futility of all it all. "I'm sure that's what the Library of Faerie is for. At least, I think so. It's been a while. But since I'll be living a lot longer than a few hours to just cross some thresh-hold and disappear back into Laurante's consciousness, it only makes sense that I try the un-try-able, to know the unknowable, to--"
"Why didn't you go for Inventor yourself, Green? I mean as Laurante, back before he created you."
Green stumbled for a moment in step and placed his hands out to steady himself, turning to face Johan who was a step or two back up the hill. His eyebrows were raised very high, a look of confusion and surprise on the face of the dark elf.
There was silence between the two for a time before Green lowered his eyes and spoke softly, "...let's talk about Leah."
"If that's what you want," Johan replied just as softly. "But when you do have an answer, I'm here," The Entertainer placed a gloved hand on Green's shoulder, giving it a squeeze before gesturing with the other hand for Green to lead on.
Eventually, they came to a stop over-looking a ridge, and down below was a badly damaged fortress. There were many things moving down there, but Johan wasn't paying so much attention to that but the wintery scene they had walked into. He stamped his boots to warm up his feet and then chuckled as he realized his mortal faux-pas. A moment later, his outfit had whirled and changed to become more passable in the falling snow. The Dreamer raised his hood over his head and shook it, now warmer enough to register Green's words.
"Where we're going is Leah's Place with a capital 'P'," said Green, "and she's got a lot of odd rules governing it. Gods and similar powers are generally not accessible there. You won't be able to access the Dreaming there."
Johan arched an eyebrow. "May I ask why?"
"She's terrified of birds in her Dreams and so she never sleeps. Unless she allows it, you may not be able to invoke a Counselor Rune while in her Place, either, so be careful." Green looks down to the fortress below as the wind whipped and pulled at them, unfazed by the snow collecting in his long hair.
"Some Runes like Iru don't work there because... well, I think it's because she can't use them as Earth and Water," Green fell silent as he began to walk again. Johan followed at his side, watching as the dark elf's bright green eyes stared over the vast expanse of the ruins, but said nothing to goad him on. Finally, Green continued. "When walking around with either of us, always follow our footsteps. There's a lot of things that like to explode around there, and they're not always visible."
He stopped at the edge of the ridge and turned to face Johan. "For now, this is as far as you go unless you want to be attacked by her 'friends' that she built. I'm going to go down ahead and let her know I brought a real friend to talk with her. Hopefully she agrees to an unannounced visit. Any questions before I head down?"
"I'm satisfied with what I know. I'll wait here for you." Johan gave Green a big smile, crossing his arms over the large patchwork-coat on his torso. Green gave a more timid smile back, but left it behind as he began to descend into the ridge. Johan watched the dark elf navigate an odd pattern through the snow; he didn't walk in a straight line for more than a few yards at a time. Once he even noted hesitation and some walking backwards. A few larger creatures ventured out as Green drew closer to the ruined buildings, but turned aside when only a few feet away. Narrowing his eyes, the Dreamer wondered more about Leah and Green and the challenge ahead. When it was completed, there would be either two Counselors, or if he figure out more concerning Green he could vouch for there being three. Given Green's unwitting creator, however... Johan hoped Faerie or at least the creature himself could come up with a better name.
He watched as Green finally walked up to one particular stone-wrought creature and watched him un-sling his hammer and tap it on the creature's chest. A small green glow came forth, but from where he was Johan couldn't hear a thing. With a quiet sigh to himself, the Dreamer took out a black onyx ball from within the folds of the coat, and began juggling it to occupy his hands as his thoughts continued to leave a worried crease in his brow.
"He doesn't see me, does he?" she asked the little girl beside her, all dressed up in black and white and gray.
"Not enough Fire, or 'Druid' here to see the dead, Leah. He'd have to be really, really concentrating," replied the little girl.
Leah the Ghost scowled. "No Fire here. I don't need it after that Black Star Guild razing. They have been bolder, plus I don't want Chavala coming to visit me anymore. She's a bad creature, Aisling, real bad."
"I know," the girl spoke softly, her eyes on Johan's back. "I watched."
The girls as ghosts sat in silence for a while, as Johan spun his limbs this way and that to catch, twirl, and juggle the onyx ball with much grace and poise as he could in the snow. Leah crossed her arms over her chest, moving a stray bang out of her face from force of habit. "Is he... you know... doin' a good job... I hope?"
"Very well, from what I've observed. There's still this business with his past that he brought up to Pater Yule, so the Queen was contacted in secret. She has since petitioned another Being to look into it and offer any aid that Faerie could spare on it. They're spending much by working against the rift they're currently attempting to contain."
" 'Contain'? Oh mans, you can't contain anything in Faerie! That's like trying to stop the sun from rising in the sky!" Leah looked down at the little girl next to her to gauge her reaction.
Aisling's eyes crinkled up in a sign of a smile. "They're doing well enough for themselves at the moment. His Majesty, King CuChulain mentioned it quite a while ago, and Sir Lucas Harkon even mentioned it being harder to get letters to the Palace and being delivered in general... but not many mortals if a few at all took note. That was... over a year ago? Hard of me to track Time. But yes, Leah, 'contain'. Faerie is ever-changing, so it is... tough for their Majesties right now as they stay on top of it. King CuChulain just returned from another Day of the Dead, so that means the next time either if not both of them visit, it could be Yule."
Leah's eyes widened. "Wow. Yule seems so far away... but I guess it's not, huh?" She scratched her head sheepishly. "I lose track of Time a lot myself, especially when I'm working on something new. I--oh hey, I think I found Me. Yup, I've got the defibrillator in hand. Cool! Well, here's hoping I don't get burned too badly this time. I'll see if this Johan's a team-player, but I'm telling you: I don't want this job if I can help it. Not again."
"Good luck to you, Leah, and to all Inventors. May the most prepared be at Her Lady's side in the End of Days." And with that, Aisling disappeared from the snow and the realm, whilst Leah's ghost reacted elsewhere to being electrocuted back to life.
Green returned about an hour or so later (or so it felt to Johan), with a shorter female dressed not for the cold but for a more steamy/humid environment. She carried an extra-large Hammer and trudged over the snow in blackened work boots. Stray bangs poked out across her oily skin that was covered in grime, all stuffed under a green bandanna and a pair of safety goggles. A leather apron, tool-belt, simple pants and a shirt completed the ensemble that made of the look of The Counselor of Earth & Water, from Titania's old group, Leah.
Johan arched an eyebrow as the two came over the ridge, pausing in his juggling as he heard talk of Hammer Sizes versus their Uses coming towards him. Stopping about three feet or so from The Dreamer, she gave him a small, sickly grin. "You must be the new version of The Thespian," she said, sticking out a work glove for a handshake. "I'm Leah."
Johan put away the ball he'd been juggling, smiling warmly as he gently accepted her hand and offered her a slight bow of respect. "I am indeed. My name is Johanthanalas del Var but everyone calls me Johan." He looked into her eyes to try and see the person behind the rough, dirty exterior. "I've looked forward to meeting since I first heard of you."
Green slung his hammer off his back and leaned on it, letting the two set the pace of their first meeting. Leah eyed Green warily. "Oh mans, what have you been telling him? How much does he already know? Don't make me build a cage for your jaw!" she jokingly threatened, letting Johan's hand drop as she faced Green. "There's a lot of ...stuff... I've been building and Green helps where he can. Something about Laurante having other stuff to do. Probably for the best; I'd rather have two new Counselors see what I'm up to, anyway, instead of some random nosy person who might set off my traps. And what if they DID set off my traps?!" Leah put a look of shock to her face as she turned to face Johan again, a light snow beginning to fall. "That would mean that I haven't worked hard enough, haven't tested things enough. We have Time, and yet never enough! Never enough, I tell you!" she pouted at Johan, looking like a little girl who had just been told 'no pony this year'.
After a bit of awkward silence, she grins crazily again. "Well, let's get this guy outta the cold, Green. Otherwise I'll have to explain to Her New Majesty why he's all frozen and stuff and I don't think she'd like that one bit."
Without waiting for a response from either, Leah began trudging through the snow, back to the dilapidated fortress as she whistled some tune pretty badly. Johan smiled to himself as he followed Leah, and Green looked around once more before bringing up the rear.
Leah settled Johan down on-top of one pillar, Green on another, and started fiddling with a slanted board that contains magnets, stones, painted runes, and small little orbs of glass that are softly glowing green but are lodged tightly into the slanted board. Her own seat was a pillar as well but slanted, with a cushion spackled into place on the top. She pulled all her hair up nervously into a high pony-tail and pulled the goggles down as she worked the board. "You know, I haven't gotten out much, other than the last two times: once to see who was breaking my stuff, and then once to go see Nimbus. I figure, you know, if it does come to pass and I do get stuck with this job again... well, she oughta know who I am, right?"
Leah looked over her shoulder at Johan. "You two weren't around yet, my apologies, so you might not know what I mean. You've got to introduce yourself to the Queen. Well, you don't REALLY gotta... but it helps. Fae helps, you know?" She looked back to the board as she hummed, tapping on one orb, and another orb, much larger and suspended on a chain lowers from the ceiling. On it, an image was created on the inside, and after a while it moved. It showed one Prince Gideon in Coventry, having a meeting with a grey elf, a wood elf, and another gentleman in armor around a small table.
Leah sighed girlishly. "He's kind of cute. It was a shame to shoot him, but he IS competition. Of course, I wanted to shoot them all, but I was too scared that they'd kill me. Not the Path-walkers, mind you, but those others about: like Mages and Defenders. I heard there's a glut of Defenders, though, so they're all fighting amongst themselves, and the Mages are dropping like flies."
Johan tilted his head at Leah, confusion on his face. "Why did you want to shoot them?"
"I hope all your questions are this easy," Leah commented over her shoulder before switching the orb to an image of James Swift. "Because for an Inventor, it's something that hasn't happened before. Sure, they've all dealt with lightning bolts from the sky or from a sorceror's hand, magic missiles from mages and wizards. There are even arrows from skilled archers... but not a one of them, to me, understands enough about it to want to take it further. That is, until I shot Gideon with that spear."
As if struck with his own blow, Green quickly bounced off the pillar he was on. "I'll be right back. I need to grab something that needs... fixing!"
Leah and Johan watched as Green took off through the door, and then they both chuckled as he quickly returned with two large L-shaped contraptions made from black iron pipes of various sizes. One had an end cap on the largest piece pipe, and the other had an open end. Looking at Leah sheepishly, Green continued, "I was going over schematics in my mind, but I had forgotten I discovered a leak on the cannon. I accidentally unsealed a connector trying to dislodge the end cap a while ago."
Johan raised his eyebrows, lost as Leah smiled. "That would've been awkward later."
Green grinned back. "At least it wasn't pressurized when I broke it this time though!" He sat himself down on the ground and started work on the end cap with a hammer and screwdriver, pillar at his back. "Anyway, I was also thinking about an answer to Johan's question: it was necessary to shoot him. They needed to get an idea of what challenges awaited them. It's too bad Gideon was the only one there that day, though. I wonder if he ever figured out how the spear you dropped worked."
"Doubtful," Leah frowned, turning back to her board. "Anybody can heft a spear, sure, just like a javelin: badly. But to build a mechanism that shoots on a hair-line trap trigger, and further, stronger than any spear ought to go? That's not magic, that's INVENTION! Sure, Resist Death, whatever. But everything else won't save you. Well, maybe Protection from Missile Weapons... gotta find a way around that. But the little pneumatic machine I built with Laurante; that was glorious! If I wasn't so scared of the sea of Defenders jacking me, I would've remembered to pick it up and use it again." She rubs a work glove across an itch on her face, and watches as the image changes over to Orado. "I think Gideon has it, but if he's does he hasn't done anything with it."
"They really did need a wake up," Green commented off-handedly as he affixed the new end cap to the pipes. "They were just going to go into the challenges we're making with their normal 'pointy end goes in squishy thing' attitude, and they were going to fail miserably. Not just because there aren't really any squishy things around here either. Historian. Inventor. Artisan. Earth and Water is all about using your creative mind to accomplish things and not your brawn. Moving fluidly. Making solutions when there seem to be none." He hammered the end cap in place, and held it up briefly to give his handiwork a critical eye. He caught Johan's arched eyebrow and put the piece down with a sigh. "Okay, maybe there's some brawn involved, but only after you've used your mind. I still don't think they're going to be ready. They've had plenty of chances to ask questions and they haven't really tried. They were given items of some power, back-up from Outsiders, even had one of the First Age Chalices at their disposal, I heard. They had Gwydion's Place for a while, but sank it. I understand why because of whom I come from, but still..." Green leaned his head against the pillar. "Was it all that bad, really?"
There was a silence, each thinking their own thoughts, when suddenly there was a magical noise right outside Leah's door-frame, a caterwaul of a strange male voice, and then very cute but a much younger voice full of cursing. Johan shifted as though to stand when bursting into the room on a pair of demonic looking wings was very young Dark Elf child in green and black work clothes with a small wyvern trailing behind. Johan's fighter training kicked in and with a simple turn of his wrists, he drew a set of twin short blades from his side holsters and positioned himself between the Dark Elf child and Leah with his back to her. Upon seeing Johan however, the child tripped up over his own two feet and crashed into the ground. "Damn it! And OUCH!" he shouted, going into a sitting position and rubbing at his elbow, eyes all watery. "Wrong room. Wrong time. Wrong, Leah!"
Realizing that the kid wasn't a threat, Johan slowly holstered his blades and turned back to face Leah. "Sorry. That was a bit of a surprise and well... you know, instincts." He scratched the back of his head out of nervous habit. "I hope I didn't offend you."
"Not offended at all. And wrong? Says you!" Leah stuck her tongue out at the child. "You're late, Laurante."
"Since your bloody time trap caught me unawares again, I'd say I'm hundreds of years EARLY," the child snapped. The wyvern settled on the child's shoulder, and he scratched it under the chin. "Leah, where's the bloody water room?! You changed everything on me since I've been here."
Green put down the two pieces that he was fitting into an L-shape. "That's what I look like? Well, what I looked like? Or what he looks like? Huh. Thought the hair was longer."
Whether Laurante took notice of Green or pointedly ignored him was anyone's guess as the child stood back up, brushing himself off and listening to Leah's complicated directions. With another glare at Johan briefly and then a small sniffle, the wings on Laurante's back spread out a little bit. "C'mon, Kai'kaeth. Let's let the adults talk about their stupid stuff." And with that, he left the room and took to the air down the hall. Johan leaned forward a bit, peering after him in wonder. Green did so as well, pondering out loud if the wing-span and the hall's actual width would be adequate for such adventures of flight. Everyone cringed as they heard another crash, and Leah giggled as she heard cursing again and then add quickly, "I'M FINE!"
"I understand instincts," said Leah, waving post-humously at the boy who left. "That was the other Laurante. The first one, the original. I'll bet if he recognized you, Mister Johan, he--nah, I like that kid better; I don't think he would've cared," she laughs loudly this time. "The regular Laurante is such an uptight guy; a little cracked in the mind-and-soul, if you get my drift. With all those things the Knight Lights can do, I wonder why nobody's done one of them... oh what's the right phrase... Ah! 'Lay On Hands' or something. I bet he'd be a lot less uptight. Maybe even more pleasent for y'all to deal with."
"Sorry, can't be helped until he and I can get together." Green absentmindedly spoke up as he continued fixing the contraption. "Hopefully, that will be after the Inventors' challenge is done."
Leah leaned back as the image switches over to a man in a top hat. "Now THIS guy, I don't get. Thanius. Who? Exactly." She folded her arms across her chest, mousing her nose a bit as though she had an itch she didn't wish to scratch at the moment. "This Thanius guy worries me because NOBODY knows about him, 'cept Laurante, and Green, here. I hate that name, by the way," she turned her head to face the dark elf. "Can't you do something cooler? Like the M.D.F. or something?"
Leah turned back to the orb without waiting for a response. "Anyway, this Thanius 'comes from the North'. Has a ship that flies through the air; that's pretty cool. He's introduced himself to the Queen but... that's all I know. I think that's all anybody knows. I know that Earth and Water was invited BEFORE Fire and Earth, but Gwydion was the last to actually hook up into the Counselor crew. He worked hard, though, but Masks did the most 'behind-the-scenes' stuff." Leah faced Johan as the orb turned off and rose back up into the ceiling. "You see, a lot of Counselors the first time around thought they knew everything, but Sky and Space was cool because they knew that they knew 'Nothing'. Earth & Water follows after that pretty nicely. There's always something new to know, to explore, to invent, to fix, which is why Gwydion and Rel got along so well. Then again, we'll never know the whole Truth of them, really: everybody has their own version on how The Stories Go."
Leah started fiddling with another board that had many lights, dials, tables with numbers, and sliding magnets. "And what about you, Mister Johan? How does this story go, you think? Will me and my Deep Fae be victorious, or will the others trounce me wicked hard?" She grinned.
Johan put on his typical charismatic smile and laughed a bit. "Honestly, I think they're going to tear each other apart before they even get to see you. From talking with Gideon he doesn't have the patience to become Earth and Water. Don't get me wrong, I like him and all but he's too much of an elitest. Thanius doesn't want to commit because he feels he won't be able to be around when it counts because he's a recluse. He seemed intent on defeating himself before the competition even began. Orado's stuck with 'Harvey' and I wasn't able to help him before the trials so he's coming in with a severe handycap. Then there's James Swift. The kid's got creativity and drive but he forgets to think of the consequences before acting. If this were a few years off, I'd say he'd be a shoe-in. Finally, there's you and what you've set up for your competition. Which is why I asked Green to bring me here. I needed to see for myself if you were broken like some people wanted me to believe or if there was a misunderstanding. So far I've seen a woman who's dedicated herself to a cause but what I want to most understand is what makes her tick." Johan paused for his last words to linger in the air. He leaned forward with his elbows on the table and folded his hands together. "Would you be willing to teach me?"
Leah's face lit up. "Oh hell yeah; I'd be happy to!... well, on one, no two... no THREE conditions. One: you'll wait until after the next Counselor of Earth and Water is made. Because if it ain't me, you'll probably want to buddy-up to the next guy. Two: I'll teach ya everything I know and then some, if you can do me this favor: find out about this regional magic I heard of that makes you forget things, like forever or something? I... don't want to remember Titania anymore if I end up being Queen Nimbus's Counselor. Call it silly or superstitious, but I think it'd be... wrong, somehow. And Three: I know he's prickly and can be an ass and has the social grace of an avocado, but Laurante IS one of the many actually attempting to combat the Infinite Dark in a huge way: my number three is for you to promise me you'll find some way to heal his arm or hand or he can have two hands back again, or that thing I told you about earlier, about his mind or soul? Something happened, traumatic, before I met him, and before you did, and before many people he works for now did. Think of it like a Yule present or something if you want: making Laurante whole. If you'll do that, I'll teach ya everything I know. Fae's Honor!"
Green coughed and practically choked after the last condition, dropping the contraption in his lap. "Um, did you never get told the hand situation? The hand is currently holding off Bedlam in Hell and keeping the Queen of Worms from taking back Ophelia. No person or God can fix his hand without his say because the situation is backed by a Wish and his will."
Leah worried her bottom lip with her teeth. "I'm not the only one who feels that way, Green. Might want to let more people know if that's the case. Wishes can be re-made and re-written, ya'know, if History has taught us anything..."
"As to trying to make him whole or using Lay on Hands on him, according to Luna if anyone tries to force his soul to be fixed before he's completed the ninety-six quests he must complete to fix his soul, there will be serious repercussions."
"Like what?"
"Like losing his ability to sense Bedlam, and occasionally restore memories consumed by Darkness. These are just two of the things he might lose. He's nearly completed his Soul Chest, and once done he gets to remake himself in any way he wishes." Green looked up at Leah with a smile. "While I can very safely say he appreciates your concern Leah, and he does greatly, trust me; I would not worry about your third condition. He has things well in hand on that front."
Johan nodded his head approvingly. "Then the terms are set and I accept them. I'll help Laurante to complete his quests and not end them prematurely." He looked to Leah, "Now, there was one additional reason I came here and that was to offer an olive branch of sorts... to make amends for some changes that I believe Shane is responsible for by his words. Are you aware of what I'm speaking?"
"I am. The change took place; too late to change now, literally, to have any affect on what happens very soon. However, if you mean AFTER the fact, like... if they don't kill me..." The light left her face as she looked sad for a moment, contemplating briefly the thought of death, then Leah smiled again brightly. "An olive branch? I remember what those mean in the mortal world. Are you offering it saying 'Sorry this happened' though, or 'I'm apologizing for Shane being Shane'? Because that last one, while unfortunate, doesn't mean anything unless it comes from Shane."
"All done! Time to test it!" interrupted Green with a grin and a smack on the contraption he'd been working on. Taking out a wad of fabric from his satchel and stuffing it into the open-ended pipe, he stood and braced himself against the pillar. "Vimiku Matsu Antorbok Tier Magormor."
A hollow thump resounded inside the contraption. Green aimed the device at the far wall and pressed a button. Another hollow thump, followed by a loud crack as the fabric hit the far wall at bone-breaking force. "Fixed!" he said cheerfully.
There was a delayed reaction to Green's response about Laurante, to which Leah's brain finally clicked in and she snapped at Green, "Fine! Is it really that bad to get a girl's wish to happen, though? He was crazy before he was broken by recent events; that's the part I think ought to be fixed. Maybe I'm not making any sense to you, Green... but then again you don't make sense to me yet and I still think your name sucks." She sticks out her tongue at him and then realizes he made an air cannon and squees, forgetting all about Johan's 'olive branch'.
Johan cleared his throat through the awkwardness. In the midst of Leah's interest over the air cannon, Johan softly voiced to himself, "I'm sorry that we often forget to taste the words in our own mouth before putting them in the ears of others." Then to Green, "Impressive indeed, Green, but Leah's got a good point." Johan gave him a pondering look. "Your name fits you like a coat that's a few sizes too small."
Green let the cannon slip to his side on its strap. In the interest of not having people get mad at me again when broaching this subject, I'm going to politely decline to comment." He knelt down and picked up his hammer, slinging it up onto his back in one go. "Also, I need to go make the final preparations on some of the devices we've built."
He bowed to Johan. "I'll try and pop back in before you leave, but you should expect to end up leaving on your own. In either case, I will see you again in Faerie. As for you..." Green reaches out and gently cups one of Leah's hands between his as he spoke softly to her. "If I don't see you again in time for the final challenge, know that I will be with you in one form or another." He squeezed her hand once before letting it drop again, giving a final wave to the two as he selected carefully his departure.
After Green exited the room, Johan looked at Leah. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to be present to watch the challenges. Especially the final one if that would be all right with you."
Leah nodded silently, turning back to face the dials, and with it came the Dreamer's dismissal unspoken; Johan most certainly needed to go and make his own preparations, and he figured he would be, for the most part, safe in leaving to do so. With another simple bow at her back, The Dreamer took his leave of Leah and the Citadel.
"And that's how it happened?"
"Totally did. Well, I may have taken some liberties here and there. And told you some stuff that people didn't know about. You really going to put this in a book somewhere?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes."
"Well, make sure you use a special ink for me. Ya'know, to distinguish me from all the other Inventors and Green and stuff."
- And that's the last contact anyone's had that I know of with Leah. - Aven
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