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Gwydion, Earth and Water

Gwydion grew up among humans, many years ago. These humans were worshippers of Aurora, but in a sick and twisted way. They believed that anything they did not understand was evil and the work of demons. This included magic, and faeries, or anyone with pointed ears, were considered to be demonic.

Gwydion was raised this way, until one day when he heard beautiful singing coming from a lake. Looking closely while staying hidden, he saw a group of elves, and was struck by their wondrous appearance. Several other humans also saw the elves and attacked them, which Gwydion tried to prevent. He was knocked unconscious, and was woken by one of the elves kissing him. They took him to Faerie, where he was torn between how wonderful it appeared and the teachings he knew which told him that he was among demons. Although he felt as though he was in Paradise, he sought a way out, but was unable to go. Eventually, the King and Queen saw his distress and allowed him to leave.

On returning to the mortal realm, Gwydion's village knew he had been changed. They suspected evil, and with a neighboring village chased him out with cries of witchcraft. Gwydion spent his remaining years on the mortal plane shunned, miserable, and alone. Always regretting his decision to leave Faerie, and missing the Queen.

After many years, Gwydion left his land on a ship, looking for work. A storm, a waterspout, appeared out of nowhere, tipped the ship enough for him and others to fall off, and then vanished. While the others were recovered, Gwydion's body was never seen again. Fae reclaimed him, and he lived out his life as one of Queen Mab's counselors.

The power of the Inventor. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Methodical, logical, and limitations are only in one's mind. Everything is made by hand.
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