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Dream 7/12/11

Dreamer: Those on the Path of Earth and Water
Date: 07/12/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: No.
There are a lot of grating, strange noises. Almost forming some type
of rhythm or beat, you peer at your fellow adventurers through
green-tinted glasses: they're moving so slow. Why are they moving so
slow? Except for this group with you. They're all with you.

You're all dressed the same: blacks, greens, grays, browns.
You're all dressed differently, yet ready for *work*.

Rags a-plenty, you step over the slow-moving parts to faster reaches,
quicker tools, and zooming cogs. "Toss me that thing!" you say to
your group, and one of them does. "Hand me that whatever." says one
from your group, and you do. You work together, yet work apart, yet
come together to get your fellow slow adventurers out of this trap, to
solve this puzzle, to square off against that golem, to fix your gun.


You have a gun?

And that is when one of the group takes their own gun and shoots it
off in the middle of the group. There is a deafening BANG--
There is darkness. A little girl calling out, "Mommy!? I can't see
you, Mommy!!"
They woke up in serious stars-in-the-eyes-inducing pain, arm throbbing as they placed hands over their upper arms, only to draw it back and find it soaked in blood. They required a healer immediately... and I was told later by one of them that a metal 'slug' or 'sphere' was within the wound. He had to borrow my dagger as he talked... it was quite disgusting. - Aven
Tags: Player Character, Non-Player Character
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