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Dream 10/27/10

You dream that you're in a school of learning, and on the walls there are many tapestries.

Your eyes settle on three, and you recognize them: Valas, surrounded by fireflies and moths, rather pensive and yet curious as he's held out a hand for one to rest in, and Ged and Demetria, giving each other a rose while cherry blossoms fall.
You then gaze further down, where most of the tapestries are wrapped up in this grand room, but one is being unwrapped by many creatures, Tis a grand affair, and the creatures are all dressed in green and lighter green.

Finally, the canvas tie is snapped and it unrolls, showing a young man walking through a green sea, wearing the style of Teng Huanese dress mix with Celtic knot-work, and looking determined with a blue-print in his hand and a hammer at his side, bubbles flowing neatly past his chest and neck.

...but on further checking... was it Shane? Or another? Gideon? Thanius? Orado?

You're bumped into from behind. "Oh, excuse me," and this young girl, her arms over-flowing with drawings and blue-prints begins to set-up shop in front of the tapestry. "I have to get ready: there's not much time left. Well, there is as fae as elves and long-lived creatures are, but for humans a couple of years isn't a long time. Less than that, actually!" and she pulls back a sleeve, glancing at an odd contraption on her wrist that she winds up. "...mmm, yes. Less than two years for us. Unfortunate. We'll see, I guess!"

The young girl pulls the sleeve down, takes off two gloves and lays them on the table, and then grins at you. "Well, then... who is going to try it first? I heard it was Shane, but it all could be hearsay. Well, where is this Shane? Where is the rest of the entourage?"

She blinks, and looks around. "If this is all you're bringing, you're going to have a ridiculous time of it, indeed." And she shakes her head. "Granted, I'm surprised you haven't built an Inventor to challenge me. That would be a challenge to me, after all, and they can probably take a beating better than the rest of you. But if you wish to have Shane try and die first, I'll make sure my devices are ready."

There is a large 'whirring' in the back of your mind, behind you, in your ears, and she smiles. "I'm ready for you. Come. Make your first move."
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