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The Northern Wilds

In the past, the forest was known as the Talkoni Wood or the Talkoni Forest. Today, it is known as the Northern Wilds, or simply 'The Wilds'.

The Northern Wilds are a forest area located in the lands of Folkestone, west of Tuath Fasach. The Wilds occupy approximately 64 acres of forest in the physical world, but are actually much larger, as they also occupy the spiritual world, and several other splinter realms.

Primarily, the Wilds are home to many magical and rare species. The Wilds could almost be considered a 'game' preserve by some definitions. The rare and magical residents of the Wilds are protected from the predations of any that would seek to destroy them, usually by force.

Threats to the Wilds:
Poachers are a common threat to the residents of the Wilds, as are orcs and undead. The forest itself is at risk by the forces of the Kal kre Bain, as they seek to uproot and destroy this 'anchor' of the Kal in the world.

There are three major contributors to the protection of the Wilds.

First and foremost is the Guardian, a demi-mortal creature created and supported by Kal en Dral spirits. This creature is controlled nearly completely by the Kal, and wields their power in the material world. A more complete history of the Guardians will be discussed elsewhere, should I find the time to do so.

Second and not to be underestimated, is the forest itself. The spirit world is very 'aware' within the Wilds, allowing the spirits within every plant, rock and wisp of wind to observe, report and respond to actions within the material world.

Lastly are the Rangers, a group of sentient beings that have pledged themselves to aiding the Guardian, and keeping the Wilds safe from those that would harm it.

I would not recommend visiting the Wilds unless you have a strong connection to the natural world or an invitation to do so. If you feel you must visit, it would likely be best to wait outside the forest until a Ranger comes to inquire about your purpose.

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