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Other Elements

Other Cultures and Magic Elemental Views

There are more than a few cultures within our own world that have included other elements in the elemental pantheon.
Some Cultures included 'Wood' and 'Metal.' Some include 'Darkness' and 'Love.' Some include 'Ice.' Some 'Electricity' or 'Lightning.' Still others include 'Storm.'

In the view of the Kal en Dral, each of these elements and states has a place within the hierarchy of the Kal:
Wood is a living entity, and falls under the purview of 'Ko' in most cases.
Metal is a mineral solid, and falls under Ko, or perhaps Kikma.
Darkness is an aspect of Ka.
Love is not an element in the Kal hierarchy so much as a concept formed and upheld by sentient beings - it is a combination of all elements, and is therefore associated with the Kal (Spirit).
Ice is associted with the triphasic mystery of Ma, while both Electricity and Lightning are associated with Ka.
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