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Shared Temple Work

There is a Temple to Deidre in Griffindor. Their archive is designed to inform, to keep track and to update anyone and everyone who is interested in a group of beings called the Strangers. They are beings from "beyond the stars" who infiltrate different worlds and universes, turning them to nothing more than ash and darkness. They have existed beyond this Realm, trying to find a foothold here. Recently they have begun to show activity, to challenge us. But amassing everything that needs to be known and making sure as many people know as possible, is a difficult task. This Temple is protected from their influence. No one who serves them may enter there. It's one of the rare spaces you may inquire, discuss and pool information without their possible influence.

Stored here for you to read, are what works Ivory has stored here that has graciously been allowed. - S.I.A.P.

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