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The Prophesy

5 Alive.
Left 4 dead
3 to prepare
in order 2
defeat the One.

This is the shortened form of the full prophesy. (See below) The Prophesy was written down by Priestess Anna, about 100 years ago. She was well known in her time for making very accurate accounts of future events. She was doing charity work near the sea city of Dunwich.

In her later years of life, she was able to see both past and future, in both how it would be before, and how it was after the Time Quake.

These are the next, from a time before and a time past. I know now, I know everything. I have seen both futures, and seen both pasts. We are and we are not, we cannot sing, we cannot dance. Yet the worlds are the same and the way is the same. It is the Strangers, those from beyond the stars. They have done it all, to try and destroy us. They tricks us and the Two that are One have lost sight of the One who is Two. And so, here, I will bring to you the first, and the last.

Time is now impossible. I cannot tell you from the mixture, no. I can, however, see the trend. The One who is two is forever now, and the Strangers move on swift wings. Apollo is close but is not the fear, no. No one knows the total, where or when. I have, I have, have seen her, the final one. She is known as Ananke. I think my life has led to this. I was de-voted, but I fear she was the one. But I trust in the Great Lady.
Once the Gates are open, the seas shall flood and the blood will flow. All the worlds shall begin and end. And it all falls into when they return, the Two as One. For they are here and they are not. So that it is understood, and so that it is done, and the Barrows will remain buried and the Cauldron will be kept safe, so do I give you the final.

Ten shall begin the battle’s call
While nine will succumb the Chosen’s call
Eight shall weight to straight the Gate
And Seven lost, dark and late.
The chosen and six shall stand at the end.
Five alive to fall and dive
Left for dead, the Hidden fled
Three to prepare the worlds in strife
In Order, two in flight for life
Defeat the One and all is done.

The Chosen will be of the Three, the one who She will finally speak to, or speak to at least, and shall be the mouth she can-not be to lead her people, to defeat the stars, or even to find the hidden tower, the broken Cauldron, or the cities below.

I cannot force the truth on these Harkons or Shewanii, but the Dunnwich knight must know the score. All will step within the prophesy shall feel the Storms of the Dream, to the end of the real. They do not understand, nor will they. They cannot, without knowing Ananke. And if you know Her, your will lose your sanity. As I have.

Lady Help me. Or better, Help them all.
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