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Of Deities

Lady Deidre
She was the one god who stayed behind when the Strangers grew too powerful. Goddess of Balance.
Lady Deidre has appeared to me (Phee) as a beautiful woman, with white luminescent, lightly glowing skin, long dark hair glistening with jewels, black eyes, with a white starburst pupils. She wore a woman in a shimmering white dress and a belt of glowing blue with a small sickle and scales hanging from it

Deidre teaches the Way of the Scholar, teaching both the Hand of Clarity and the Hand of Insight. These are for those who wish to continue to seek the truth: past, present or future.

Formally the Avatar of Lady Deidre made from shards, she is now a goddess of her own right. As the Goddess of Defense and Justice, she wages a constant war to keep a gate to Keldathin guarded within Hunkara. She and the Dedicated fight against those who wish to take the Destroyer’s keep, in a Silent War. She wields a scimitar and a tall staff, capped with an orange, glowing orb.
As of recently, to end confusion, she has chosen her own name to be known by.

Ari teaches The Way of the Warrior; The Hand of Iron, and the Hand of Light. Hand of Iron is of her own invention and design, not yet seen before.

Aisling Gaiothe Stoirm
An Elemental Elf. Born of the Houses of Wind and Lightning, in the House of Storms. She calls me Deirfiúr, meaning Sister. She looks unusual, even by the standards of most adventurers. Her name, in Common, is Dream Windstorm.
Aisling is now a goddess of her own right, of Dreams and Nature.

She teaches the Way of the Weaver: The Hand of Night and the Hand of Earth.
  • Let it be noted that while the Hands of Power aren't required to be learned by followers, the quest for one of them is to show dedication to the deity.
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