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History and Places

This is how the story was told to me by Aisling, and from information I got from Tara. It’s not complete, I’m missing a bit. –Phee

Jurati was created when the Makers fashioned the multiverse. They named the world, and the Elemental Elves were titled the Weavers of it. They sang the songs, played the music, and danced the dances that brought life and love into it. As Aisling puts it, music and creation are one. They were the givers, and defenders. As the world grew, they moved far and free, loving their world. The Weavers saw the birth of the gods, gave them gifts, fashioned a home for them. She speaks of them to be like children, and grow into good gods; instructing and showing, rather than walking the world and crushing under their will. They were happy, both gods and elves.

After this, the mortals were born. They were show how to build, taught about their gods. The elves helped them to worship and sing, to respect all around them. They were good people. They were taught the language of the gods, from which they made their own. They were taught Magic. Some because Weavers. As time continued, the mortals learned on their own, but still the Weavers watched and guided.

As time went on, the High Houses (the upper houses of the elves) had found a way through the Umbra, the realm between realms. They made ways through the Umbra; some to other places within their own plane, some to other times, and yet others to different universes. Some loved these other places so much, they stayed.

It was not long after that the Strangers came. The elves did not know how, when, or why. But, as soon as one mortal began to worship the Strangers, they Were. They moved fast; locked away the gods in their homes. The gods, still children, then. The Strangers assumed their Aspects, gave themselves other names. They said the name of the plane was now Helios. The Weavers, angry, began to fight them, to try and free the gods.

But the Strangers were quick. They offered the mortals untold power and magics. The mortals grasped at it, seeing the power that would solve all their fears. The magic ripped and tore. As time moved on, the elves fought still, but the mortals’ faith in the Strangers grew stronger still. After many years, the elves freed the gods, and they fought back against the Strangers as well. The world was saved…but the damage was done.

The elves needed to leave, to find a place to heal. They had met the Sidhe (pronounced SHE), and were welcomed to heal and rest there. The Weavers left their home.

Sometime after this, the Umbra closed.

The gods left, unable to fight the Strangers or the Curse they brought with them any longer. The gods felt they had done all they could to change the fate of the people. And so they left Helios, locking all gates to it, trying to let it die and not infect other places. One god stayed behind to fight; Deidre. The people, the rest of the faithful, with her and her Avatar, now the goddess Ari in her own right, held off Red Autumn, but could not stop it or make it go away. The war there has raged ever since.
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