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Relationships to Her

Type of Missve: To the library in Ivory, a side-note
Date: 04/13/1011
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Sometimes the gods' relatives walk among us.

The late Airavarri Nosetti had two sons: Sarix and Axel. One or both of them have Diskordia as the Mother, for the late Airavarri was proud to be Diskordia's concubine and priest. They are still in the Realms: one tends to find them up North within Creathorne and surrounding areas.

The late Nero was a direct nephew to all The Five Ladies, though Diskordia took a more specific 'liking' to him towards the end of his life. He had two daughters: Hope and Aberes (now Iawen), who the Five Ladies (especially Diskordia) also pass on the title of 'niece' although it ought to be grand-niece.

It is rumored that there are a few other children out there directly related to the Chaos Goddess, as oppose to Luna where all who worship her are considered 'her children'. It is unknown that any of the other Ladies may or may not have descendents. - Iawen Penn, Coventry, writing from Paradise
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