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Letter from Nero, FoM 17

Author: Nero
Place/Gathering Discovered: Hidden temple of Diskordia (Feast of Min 17)
Date: July 1007
Transcribed by: Aberes

I hope your battles, or whatever you face in this quest, go well. I feared something like this would happen after I was gone -- I must assume that we failed to rescue Bouquet, that Bedlam is sealed, and that I was lost in the attempt. May future quests go better.

We are a church of chaos, change and shadow, and yet we serve the good, and we have traditions. The Church has need of High Priests and Champions again. Let them make themselves known, let the Ladies challenge them with trials, so we can defend ourselves, and these Realms.

(odd sigil, then) N E R O
Nero Xenophanaios Androleus Queleel-Meituan

P.S. After Diskordia, visit the Temple of Fortuna.
Tags: Personal Account, Player Character
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