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Visiting Tetch Again

Meeting in the Dreaming #4

Dreamt the night of Monday, November 22nd, 1010

Those present: Rorin, Baledor

Where: The Dreaming, partially in Sand’s Skerri at the location of Tetch, partially elsewhere.

We woke in the room that we had found Tetch in several nights before, to find Tetch lying inert on the bed in the room. She was significantly better than she was when we had first found her. While we let her rest we discussed the nature of the Dam a bit. We discussed the necessary energy for cleansing and restoration. It was during this conversation that Tetch woke.

When I’ve encountered Tetch she has been unable to speak English (she actually is speaking what I believe to be Nehandi). After Baledor had cast a simple ‘speak’ spell we were able to communicate in Common.

Tetch’s memory was still rather faded when we spoke. She didn’t remember me, and could only barely remember Baledor from what I gathered. When we informed that she needed Braeling and Sisling again she was very adverse to this idea.

With a bit more discussion the dream began to fade, but before we lost it completely Baledor healed her some more. I can’t be sure of this, but it seems to be so.

We were left in a room after shifting, a fully gray being stood before us… it appeared to be androgynous.

It revealed that a question that was asked was answered as it was asked, but there was more to the intention that could not have been answered… given the circumstances. The question was mine in the Seeing Place, related to where the Bain Gate was. I clarified that the hole in the world was indeed a Bain Gate, and that it was still open. I asked how to close it as well.

The hole was truly in the Gray Forest, at the site of a Temple to the KalKreBain undestroyed in the Forest. Abjury magic was required to destroy it.

We woke.

(Rorin’s Note: The Bain Gate in the Gray Forest is closed now… but more work must be done there. Restoration has yet to occur, and the temple to the KalKreBain remains undestroyed.)
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