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Meeting Some Taurses

Meeting in the Dreaming #2

Dreamt the night of Friday, November 19th, 1010

Those present: Chan, Baledor, Rorin, and a simple mage named Gyf

Where: The Dreaming in an unidentified Skerri (possibly a
Skerri belonging to a Taurse… read on)

We woke in a field of tall grass. Originally we were naked, but soon willed ourselves into clothing. We could sense each other, but not see each other at first. We quickly saw eachother, and after settling into the skerri set to work looking around for signs of our purpose that night.

Baledor had already visited this skerri, he had met an incredible horse which we soon determined to in actuality, be what is known as a Taurse.

We soon discerned a dust cloud in the distance approaching us, and before long they reached us. It was a herd of several dozen large horses. As they reached us, the majority ran off while about a dozen stayed. Baledor had connected with a female Taurse. His was deep red on the nose, shifting to a light cream in the body, and her feet and rump were red again.

We all sort of stood back in observation for a while, unsure of how to react to these incredible creatures. There seemed to be one that was taking interested in each of us. Gyf’s was silvery-blue, highlighted in black.

The one that approached me was larger than the rest. His coat was mostly black, while his body was silver. The black returned much like in Baledor’s, at the feet and rump. As I touched the Taurse I could ‘feel’ his curiosity. As you make physical contact with Taurses, their emotions fill you. They are ‘telempathic’ in a way. Not telepathic, as words do not form for one another, but emotions are shared… it’s really a remarkable feeling.

After some admiring, and the sharing of emotions, he offered to let me mount him. I climbed on as Baledor did the same with his Female. When we arrived they didn’t seem to have a comprehension of ‘names’. They instinctively knew their identities, and the identities of others. They didn’t require more.
We all mounted. Chan had been approached by a silver one in the midst of all of this. While you are sitting upon a Taurse not only are emotions felt, but sensations. I felt the grass under shared hooves, I felt myself sitting upon myself (almost), the wind on shared body space.

We ran. The Taurse run at an incredible speed. Before they truly begin ‘trying’ their gait is smoother than any ‘normal’ horse, and far faster. As they gain speed their gait loses its smoothness, but is faster than anything you could imagine. At this speed the wind stung my face, forced my eyes to squint. The grass around me blurred as I passed.
After some time of truly ‘running’, I felt a sensation of preparing to jump. At first it was simply the concept of jumping, however the jump was far more. We ran, then everything suddenly stopped. The continuity of the world shifted, and we were about thirty or more yards ahead of where we were, less than a second ago. The capacity in the taurses to do this is great. After the first, a second followed, and a third. We just shot, suddenly, forward, forward, and forward again. I warn anybody who may encounter Taurses, and be invited to ride… this sensation is disheartening. My stomach was fine as speed was gained, with only a little bit of nausea at their ‘run’, but once this skipping occurred my body didn’t handle it too well. I was able to keep myself together, but the first time certainly got me a bit sick.

We slowed finally, the taurses slightly fatigued from the effort (they were hardly exhausted however). We discussed briefly that it was very rare to encounter Taurses, and for the bond we had seemed to form to be invited unto adventurers. The major similarity between everyone present that we could determine for a possible reason behind them finding us was that we were all Ichigiritorrennin.
After some more idle discussion the dream faded and we woke.
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