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Outside the Northern Wildes

Encounter outside the Northern Wildes

Occurred early evening, Friday, November 19th, 2010

Those Present: Rorin

Where: On the outskirts of the Northern Wildes, between
Cold Brook and Caer Condra

While investigating matters regarding the Northern Wildes I heard voices, or singing coming from the Wildes. I was rather intrigued by these melodious sounds coming from the forest, which appeared to be mostly still. I approached the forest, and the song seemed to request that I enter… it called to me. It wasn’t a compulsion, so much as a request.

As I stood at the edge of the tree line, a winged creature approached me. It turned out to be a treelix, the easiest way to describe it would be to picture a normal orange tabby cat with black and orange bat wings. I moved and meowed as a normal cat would.

As it reached me it flopped onto its side and simply lazed about. As I was petting the creature (much to its enjoyment) I was approached by an elf that I had failed to notice approach. She was quite striking, and was wielding a bow.

She asked the nature of my visit, which was to investigate the findings of Zula down in the south. Some contents of a caravan he had raided outside of Hiedenkries were found to be suspicious, word was passed and I organized an investigation to the suspected source.

The elf was not surprised to hear of the found artifacts, though she could only account for one source of the items. She referred to the Wildes as the Talkoni Forest (a reference to the Cybalen who resides there), and we spoke briefly of the war with the KalkreBain, though nothing of import came up. The elf’s name was Ansala.

She told me something curious when explaining the inability to defend the entire forest, I believe it was “There are only so many defenders, and Silence cannot be everywhere at once.” In our final words together she requested I come one day to see ‘the wonders of the Wildes’.

We then parted ways.
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