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Visiting a Seeing Place

Meeting in the Dreaming #3

Dreamt the night of Saturday, November 20th, 1010

Those present: Chan, Baledor, Rorin, Aymise, Rel, Niccodemus, Harlest, Tara, a simple mage named Gyf

Where: The Dreaming, a very old Skerri in which a pack of Dream wolves did their hunting.

We woke in the Dreaming in the midst of a very ancient appearing forest. The trees were massive, taller than castles. There was a full moon, and the sky was full of stars. For a few minutes we discussed the skerri itself. Whose it may be, or what we may have been meant to accomplish in our time there.

As we agreed that exploration was our best course of action I began scanning around the edge of our location. In the midst of this, and some light discussion we heard a large pack of wolves, howling the howl of community. We all were prepared to fight, should the source prove ‘bad’, but before that could be discerned we were approached by a small glowing orb of light. It regarded us curiously.
It greeted us, its ‘l’s pronounced as ‘w’s. It announced that Chan (who had appeared to us as a large bear) was ‘furry’, and was pleased at this. It approached him and observed, stating that it like furry things. Rel suddenly realized something, and determined that the being was “Glow”. It confirmed its identity, and after a series of questions from us, Rel revealed that Glow was a very powerful weapon.

Niccodemus asked who led Glow, and it responded that it led itself.

Suddenly we were made aware that a very large black wolf was observing nearby. The wolf sat as large as a small pony, with green glowing eyes. After a brief period of hesitation we determined that the wolf was a Dream Wolf. Glow said its name was “Fwuwy”, which we later determined to truly be “Fury”.

This was the point at which Tara appeared with us.

The wolf informed me that I didn’t sneak well, and I came back explaining the intention wasn’t to sneak. I had continued circling the perimeter casually, and was coming up on the wolf without much regard. It was determined that Fury did not call us to this place, and he revealed that he was missing the hunt. Though he normally hunted “the Dawn.”

He was not hunting this night because Glow ran off, and he revealed that the forest was called ‘Majesty’. It was the home of these dream wolves.

A lengthy discussion about Tetch, and her bonds took place. Thoughts were tossed around, and it seemed to be a consensus that a way to rid Tetch of her dependence on these bonds was prudent… I’ve since discovered this to be untrue. The bonds are the Will of the Kal, and should be respected as such. Please read more in another report relating my search for a suitable location for a Kal temple.
We discussed quite a bit from this point. Small talk mostly. Eventually we decided that the best way to progress was to make our way to a Seeing Place. The seeing place we decided upon was the seeing place near “Matthew”, but before we left we realized that Harlest was missing. I willed myself to shift into the form Luna has granted me in the past. I tracked him down, and found him. He had constructed a circle similar to a Kal circle, but with slight differences.

After a brief discussion about why he left we were off to the seeing place.

We arrived in a field, surrounded by forest. A path ran north to south, and there was a very old looking tree in the middle. A large black bird sat in the tree. The bird was apparently Matthew. We quickly began heading north from this tree, the forest was watching us… birds, animals, predator and prey alike. We reached a pair of pillars, ‘gating’ the way into another field.
We all raced forward, wishing to shape the Seeing Place to our own design, and ended up jamming up the entrance. We talked about who would be the one to shape the Place, and after a game of chance it was determined that Harlest would create it.

We waited for the Room to form, and a door appeared. After it popped Chan on the nose (he was waiting eagerly just outside the door) we all made our way in. It appeared as a room filled wall-to-wall with books, shelves with books, drawings on the floor, and books on the floor. Pillows filled the floor. The center of the room was ‘blank’, a medium for imagery and description to appear before us.
Harlest would ask the first of our questions. The rest of this report will be a summary of their questions, and the responses to them.

Harlest: “How would the Dam holding back the weapon of the Unmakers be properly reinforced?”
Answer: “To Reinforce, one may add more wood, in this case, Bind Souls with her. She is ‘starving’ from a lack of Bonds. She will soon wither without them.”

Tara: “How do we defeat the Bainen creatures that are hunting us?”
Answer: “Only the Hunted can affect the Hunter, but any weapons may be brought to bear against them. Their strength is in their numbers. And only their chosen target can bring them harm.”

Baledor: “What is the difference between a Soul Name and a True Name?”
Answer: “A Soul Name is a name that is part of your Soul. It is also sometimes referred to as the “Key” of a person. Persons that know each other’s Soul Names are able to command and control that person without the use of a spell or outside force.
A True Name is a magical construct that a Mage or Demon uses to gain more magical power. In exchange, the Being with a True Name has a ‘weakness’ that can be exploited with certain magical spells and Rituals. Soul Names cannot be Changed or altered without destroying the Soul. True Names, however, can be chosen and changed.”

Chan: “How do two people properly form the Soul Bond of the type required to reinforce the Dam.”
Answer: “There are a couple steps necessary. First, the two must be able to work past the Ban. If they can, the Bond has been approved by the Dam’s Creators. Second, the two must exchange names while forming a Soul Link. The Soul Link is a motion where each holds the other’s hand over their heart, making an infinity sign. It doesn’t matter which hand is over the heart, but usually it is the right over the other’s heart and the left over the other’s hand.

Rel: “What is the Path of Community?”
Answer: “The Path of Community travels clockwise around the Wheel.”

Rorin: “What is the proper way to form a temple to the Kal en Dral, ensuring longevity, dedication, and stability?”
Answer: “A true Temple to the KalenDral would by necessity need some sort of representation of each of the four elements, minimally. Traditionally such Temples are situated in places that, by their very nature, already represent the Four or Eight, or require only very minimal embellishment to do so. So the first step, if you will, is to find (or create) an area that represents each of the Four, or Eight. This proto-Temple makes it easier for KalenDral spirits to manifest, to communicate with the people of the mortal world.
Next is to contact the spirits within the various representations present. Sometimes that can be tricky, as some spirits are more aware and awake than others, and some are bigger than others. It is often easier for many people to work at this task, choosing people that best represent each of the aspects to try and commune with, or reach out to, the spirits within. Each person needs to find the spirit within and communicate to that spirit the intention of consecrating the area to the KalenDral.
Next, or rather during the second stage, is supplying the spirits within the temples power. Spirits need energy to do various tasks, such as manifesting so that you can see and hear them. So too will your Temple’s Spirits need energy. The energy will keep them alert and aware, and connect them more fully to the Spirit of the World, and through that, the KalenDral. Once your temple’s spirits are energized and connected, you have an officially consecrated Temple, at least for as long as the energy lasts.
As you may realize, sacrificed energy only lasts so long, and then needs to be replenished. Temples need upkeep; some call this worship I suppose. In the case of a KalenDral Temple, the Spirits of the Temple need to be refreshed and reenergized from time to time. If a Temple is left alone for too long the spirits might go back to sleep, disconnecting from the Spirit-World.

Gyf: “How do I find the Twilight Circle?”
Answer: “There is no such Circle.”

Aymise: “Without using magic, how does one determine the age and purpose of a skerri?”
Answer: “The easiest way to determine the age and purpose of a Skerri is to ask its ‘keeper’, locating the keeper is not always easy, however, as they can be a pretty secretive lot. Beyond that, age of a skerri can be guessed relative to how ‘solid’ or ‘soft’ it is… the softer the skerri, the more likely it is ‘young’, the ‘harder’ the more likely it is ‘old’.
Skerries with ‘hard rules’ are often more than just a common run of the mill skerri, but are rather ‘hubs’ where groups of waking dreamers congregate and ‘work’ in dream. The purpose of a skerri may not be so easily discerned, and some skerries do not have a ‘purpose’ beyond being ‘scenery’.

Niccodemus: “Who or what is responsible for pulling these dreamers together?”
Answer: “Enigma”, companied by shifting imagery suggesting that there was no ‘real’ answer.

Rel: “What can the path of community accomplish?”
Answer: “The Path of Community focuses on Building and Creating, on Binding together and building up. Many things can be accomplished on this Path depending on where you start from. For example, the Ritual of Restoration is one of the Rituals linked to the Path of Community. This is the aspect of Ko’s Ritual. The Ritual of Consecration is also a Ritual on the Path of Community. This is the Aspect of Ma’s Ritual.

Rel: “Where are places within the Realms that need to be cleansed of Taint?”
Answer: “Currently there is no Taint within the Realms, as the Dam has removed it, and is preventing its return.”

Rel: “Who is using the Red Arrow Emporium to seek the Soul Prison of Tabitha?”
Answer: “Malchior Rivenquest.”

Chan: “How were the hounds/hunters formed?”
Answer: “The Hunt (or Bain-Dogs) were formed by a ritual where Bain Spirits were infused into the bodies of captured beings. Part of this ritual involves contacting Bain Spirits and getting them to agree to serve. Next, the person (or persons) performing the ritual must open a hole in the world to allow the Bain Spirits into the world. At that point, the animals (or people) being used as ‘hosts’ for the Bains are ritually killed and tortured, and the Bain Spirits possess and corrupt them, destroying the souls of the offered being.”
(Rorin’s Note: Thanks to vision given to me by a To-Rani, I was able to see this process… read my description of the closing of the Bain gate in the Gray Forest for more information).

Chan: “Who is responsible for the creation and release of The Hunt.”
Answer: “Malchior Rivenquest”

Chan: “In discussion with the Maverick Munuko I have learned of several paths beyond Kathrani: Miransaigowunin, Shansaigowunin, Tedral, Tekal, and lastly Chiraniko. What are eac of these paths beyond Kathrani?”
Answer: “There are several steps in the Hierarchy of Communion that a mortal can attain.
The first, Kathrani or “Honorary Child”, means that the applicant has passed the trials of, and bonded to, a Circle of Munuko.
The Second, Miransaigowunin or “One who Sees the Path”, means the applicants has completed the trails of 2 sets of Munuko, and discovered and mastered the abilities of his primary, and possibly a secondary element.
In the same tier, but slightly more ‘adept’ is the Shansaigowunin (One who Walks the Path). The Shansaigowunin is a person that has completed the trails of 3 sets of Munuko, and discovered and mastered the abilities of his primary, and possibly a second and third element.
The next tier is the Tedral and Tekal – The Hand of the Elements or the Hand of the Spirits.
A Tedral is a person that has completed the Trials of four or more sets of Munuko, preferably as an initiate of every element, and has discovered mastered the ability of his primary and possibly every element.
A Tekal is a person that has completed the Trials of four or more sets of Munuko, and accepted the Trial of One from all of them and has discovered mastered the ability of his primary element, and knows how to access the abilities of every other element.
The highest rank is that of the Chiraniko or “Spirit-Child of Earth.” This is a person that has completed the Trials of Eight circles of Munuko, is bonded to four or more sets, and has discovered and mastered the abilities of his primary element, and knows how to access the abilities of all the other elements. They have learned how to stand in for any Element at any position, within a Ritual.”

Baledor: “Where are Blighted areas remaining in the Realms that need to be restored?”
Answer: A map of the Realms is drawn. There are several points (14) around Griffindor lake that need to be mended. The area near the Mountain (now crater) of Power is also sick. There is also a notable area in the Gray Forest.

Rorin: “Hunter, I walk your path. Where was the hole in our World created to allow the Bainen to enter? I ask that you tilt my nose to this scent that I may track it and with help, mend a wound to our Realms.”
Answer: At Rorin’s question, the ‘paper’ in the room remains on the Map that Baledor ‘grew’. It ‘zooms’ in on the Gray Forest, the same place that the ‘blight’ is…

During this segment, an interesting question was asked and answered by Baledor

Rel: "So wait, what's the difference between a Tainted area and a Blighted area? If the Taint isn't around anymore, then is the Blight just the remnants of it? I know the Gray Forest still had an active altar, so I'm confused by the Taint being replaced by Blight. "

"Blight is basically the aftermath of Taint and/or a Bain gate. That is what we use the Restoration Ritual to heal. It is a weakening of the spirit of an area. It manifests physically as looking decrepit and sick. It gives you an uneasy feeling to be around it. So, yea, if you only destroy the Taint, but don't clean up or heal the spirit of the land afterwards, Blight forms. I am not sure, but it is possible that the Blight is a progressive condition, so may not have been apparent after the initial cleansing of the Taint. It is certainly apparent now though...
When we go to take care of a blighted area, we *must* have at least 8 people for a circle of 4 with 4 anchors. I will add a document to the Library of Ivory in the next few days with more details of the Ritual."
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