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Finding Tetch in the Dreaming

Meeting in the Dreaming #1

Dreamt the night of Thursday November 18th, 1010

Those present: Faelinn, Amergin, Chan, Rorin, and a simple mage named Gyf

Where: The Dreaming in what was presumably Sand’s skerri

We originally appeared in a forest clearing. After a few moments of discussion we were approached by a white dog. Amergin and Faelinn knew him as T’Pulli.

Moments later we heard someone running through the forest. A child we had encountered in dreams before appeared after we called to her. Her name is Sand and more of what little information we have on her can be shared elsewhere. She appears as a red-headed child of about nine. She has freckles and strange green eyes.

She informed us we were in danger (we quickly understood she was referring to The Hunt). We were told they are bainen, and that they were currently looking for the Dam.

Sand asked if we would like to play with her, but several questions were asked before we addressed that request. We confirmed that Tetch was the Dam, and learned a bit more about the connection between Rune and Tetch.

Sand said: "Rune was once a girl. She was in a war. She got trapped in a rune - a glyph really - that was carved into a stone. She was dead, and alive, and unable to BE... Tetch 'saved' her, but sorta went away.."

We discovered the location of Tetch’s body, but I will not pen that information here. It is too sensitive. Once circumstances change, I may attach a brief addendum to this report that includes that information.

We requested Sand bring us to Tetch. The skerrie shifted and we were brought to a room with no windows or doors. Sand claimed she created that room so that Tetch couldn’t run when we arrived (it was a suspicion Amergin had… he requested that I be ready to catch her if the need arose).

In the glow of a fading but extremely bright light, Tetch appeared on the floor. She was horribly burned, and wounded. Amergin requested Faelinn do… something that he had taught her. After we made her comfortable, Faelinn whispered something quietly, and in a soft healing light the burns faded.

Originally, Tetch spoke to us in Nehandi, but after a simply ‘Speak’ spell, she was able to communicate in common. I introduced myself to her (only having ever met Rune, not Tetch). I noticed that several of her wounds were oozing, but others didn’t seem to see what I did.

I was informed by Sand (as others attempted to have Chan apologize for some past wrong that I wasn’t aware of; he soon did indeed apologize, to no physical effect) that we were missing something, and that Chan apologizing wasn’t going to help. She wouldn’t remember Chan, or the wrong. He didn’t share her soul.

After some continued discussion, and hints from Sand, someone recalled that Tetch used to share Her soul with others. A bond which led for those bonded to be “braeling” or “sisling”.

From there, discussion got emotional. Communication began to get chaotic, and to me it didn’t feel like we were focusing. I woke briefly, and by the time I fell back into the Dreaming Faelinn had awoken. The four of us (excluding Sand and Tetch) eventually were able to slow down, and finally agree that we needed more information before moving forward.
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