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Encounter 3: Hidden Fortune II

Author: Slaader
Date: 1/3/09
Encounter III: Hidden Fortune 2

Convergences: June 6, 1008

The Dragon Assassination clan was once reported along the coast of Gwenethlin. An adventuring party was transported from Folkstone to investigate. Great Pike Samurai was leading a group of ninja and goblins in a quest to find more items of power. Without the assistance of the jade weapons, or a Rust Katana the adventurers were not able to remove him from the field.

In the shadows highly skilled warriors wearing the mask of the Ghost Faced Killer were able to scatter the adventurers and send them into a panic. Despite the formidable ambush by the Ghost Faced Killers the heroes were able to keep the Dragon Assassination Clan from finding the items of power – two children’s toys.

A great samurai who served Yumenguan buried the items long ago. The Four Brothers butchered his family. He took his sons body into the woods; he wrapped the child’s favorite toys in a piece of fabric and buried his son and the toys at the foot of a sapling.

Unbeknownst to the samurai the sapling belonged to a newly born Dryad. As the dryad’s tree grew it drew energy from the tortured soul of the boy. The Dryad and the boys Ghost became one. The Dryad had become creature of hate and power, and was finally laid to rest by a small group of the assembled heroes.

The toys were used to remind the child who it was, and to accept its fate like a hero. The boy’s father often told him stories of the knight of Justice, and the Princess he loved. The toys still hold a small enchantment. They are a tied to the afterworld where the boy now resides with his father.

I cannot see who the heroes were. Only that they past through hell to heal the Dryad, and were lost in the far South before returning home.

Tags: Historical Account
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